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Semrush enhanced their offering with a new acquisition, we discussed the importance of a better email deliverability process while diving into a few programmatic predictions for 2022. Uncover more such insights, tips, trends and predictions from this weekly martech highlight:


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With the rapid shifts in everyone’s lives that have occurred faster than manual targeting can adjust to, I’ve seen a real shift in the past 18 months toward marketers accepting and embracing that – even for outbound communications – it is now practical, feasible, and preferable to let machine learning at scale make the final decision individually for every single customer, right at the moment they’re being engaged with. Now, marketers can spend more time creating and activating fresh content.

Customers’ expectations have changed as well, fueling this shift.  Because our experiences with brands have shifted to being entirely digital, we expect seamlessly connected experiences that speak to us as people, not as segments.  When the person we’re speaking with on the phone, or an email we receive is tone deaf to the interaction we just had, that brand gets laughed at (not in a good way!).-Shoel Perelman, VP Product Management at Pegasystems

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MarTech Interview with Roli Saxena, President at AdRoll (a Division of NextRoll)
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One of the biggest challenges for eCommerce brands is to get the attention of the Shopper to make that first purchase and then build long-term loyalty. 98% of the shoppers don’t even make the first purchase and the ones who do 3 out of 4 never make their second purchase. So, what that means is your cost of customer acquisition is high.

My advice for eCommerce marketers is that even before you spend a single dollar on marketing, really get clear on 3 things: Who is the target audience or persona for your product? / What is the unique selling point (USP) for your product? / Finally, is the product a one-time use, infrequent use OR a repeat buy?  Roli Saxena, President at AdRoll (a Division of NextRoll)

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