Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: 05th-April-2021: Featuring ON24, Deloitte, Demandbase, Bombora (and more)!

Customers want seamless and engaging omnichannel marketing (and sales!) experiences and interactions from the brands they deal with, this is true in form across banking, B2B and even B2C channels. How are leaders in marketing and martech / salestech using this demand to ensure they meet customers’ expectations at the core?

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While most B2B companies are focusing on outbound  – Lusha is built on existing intent. We build off of SEO and word-of-mouth so that our users find us. We don’t “sell” our customers – they come to us when they’re ready to buy. –Chen Guter, VP of Marketing at Lusha

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MarTech QnA with the Expert

MarTech Series Interview with Christopher Wiseman, Head of Marketing Practice at ADA
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In Southeast Asia alone, we are seeing strong demand for MarTech-as-a-Service in the last four to five years. An average client has around 8-10 different systems already bought but tends to forget about them halfway. Therein lies the problem; while brands have managed to convince business leaders to invest in such technology, they do not necessarily have the time to ensure they are utilising the solutions they have bought to the fullest extent and to place it as a priority. –Christopher Wiseman, Head of Marketing Practice at ADA

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