Gamium Builds the Foundation of Web3 and the Metaverse, Combining Both in New Platform

Gamium is launching a new decentralized gaming platform that combines the best of Web3and metaverse technology, pioneering socialize-to-earn.

Web3 and metaverse project, Gamium, is launching a decentralized gaming platform that is set to be the first to combine the principles of Web3, metaverse, premium gaming, and gamification in the crypto space.

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The launch follows a staged roadmap that begins with the sale of metaverse land this quarter (Q1 2022), with the full metaverse game expected to be launched at the end of the year (2022). Between these dates, the Gamium team is planning to reveal a series of features and platform add-ons, including NFTs and an application for the metaverse’s avatars, the release of the MST ecosystem, and the first airdrop for $GMM, the ecosystems native token.

These developments are fuelled by two successful fundraising rounds, which saw IDOs on Vent Finance (Feb 25th) and DAO Maker (Mar 4th) raise $200,000 each.

Speaking about the platform launch, Gamium co-founder, Alberto Rosas, said:

“We started this project because we saw a need to innovate current social platforms. We don’t like how these big platforms work, and the value they provide to society. We knew that integrating web3 and digital identities into a 3D environment could dramatically improve how we interact digitally. So we started Gamium with that vision.”

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Bridging the Gap Between Web3 and the Metaverse

In order to materialize their objective of combining Web3 and the metaverse, the Gamium team has developed a number of new approaches which differ from traditional metaverse design. This can be seen in the ecosystem’s two principle features: the Avatars and the Metaverse.

Each user can create an Avatar, which represents a unique digital identity that can be used across all Web3 and Metaverse applications, meaning users can transfer identities to other metaverses if required. Moreover, to simplify in-world user creation, Gamium has developed an SDK that is equally interoperable meaning content is transferable as well as the tools to create content are transferable.

Finally, Gamium is pioneering a new earning model called ‘Socialize to Earn (S2E)’. This innovative socializing system allows Avatars to monetize the social interactions in-world. In other words, users are rewarded for creating social interactions between Avatars.

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