Ivy.ai Launches New Self-Building Chatbot Technology

Ivy.ai, a SaaS company specializing in artificially intelligent chatbots for higher education, healthcare, and government, announces generative AI technology that puts sophisticated AI within reach for more organizations.

Ivy.ai, a sophisticated AI chatbot and live chat platform, launched Genie, a self-building chatbot technology that allows organizations to build pre-trained, conversational chatbots that can understand unique content in just minutes.

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Genie by Ivy.ai automatically builds bot knowledge directly from a business’s website, knowledge base, and other documents. Genie comes with preloaded training data, eliminating the need for long questionnaires or templates that require heavy, ongoing maintenance.

“Genie is a response to the market’s evolution in its demand for chatbots. Most companies have accepted that chatbots are the future, but don’t want to wait months for implementation or constantly tweak templates that don’t help them differentiate from the competition,” CEO Mark McNasby said. “Genie provides any business the opportunity to own a sophisticated, high-functioning chatbot with almost no legwork that achieves instant results and stays up-to-date over time.”

Ivy.ai leverages this proprietary technology to get you started, and from there, customers can use Genie to modify and configure their bots.

After that, Genie will continue to scan source websites on a daily basis and automatically update bot knowledge whenever it detects a change. It will then notify the bot owner of any content changes when the bot’s knowledge is updated.

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Key Genie Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install – With a simple browser extension, setup is guided by an intuitive assistant to get businesses up and running with complete, custom bot knowledge without months of training or professional services.
  • Out-of-the-box solution – The bot is trained by over five million questions and counting, so it can recognize natural language questions from an organization’s users immediately. Genie also generates questions automatically based on the website’s information.
  • Fastest time to implement – Genie has the shortest launch time of any AI chatbot.
  • User-Friendly – No tech skills or coding are required in setting up Genie, as users receive guidance from the chatbot itself when adding knowledge, configuring settings, and setting up skills.
  • Accurate – Since Genie is built off your existing content, the bot can answer inbound inquiries with 90% percent accuracy. This ensures consistency between departments so little human intervention is required.
  • No implementation hassle – Unlike other chatbots, Genie doesn’t require the help of consultants or time-consuming templates to get started. Just find the extension on the browser of your choice and you’re on your way.
  • Single source of truth – Grow confidently with a solution that fits your needs today and tomorrow. Genie updates bot knowledge on a daily basis by continuously scanning your websites, so your website and bot are never out of sync.
  • Automatic alerts – Genie notifies you of any content changes throughout the bot’s daily crawl so you’ll always know when the bot gains more knowledge. This verifies that your bot is increasing its brain capacity on a daily basis.
  • Web Accessibility – Genie also automatically scans web properties for issues related to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), alerting you of any discrepancies that need attention.
  • Content Preservation – It’s only a matter of time before you need to rebuild your website. With Genie, you won’t need to rebuild your bot from scratch or worry that your bot’s knowledge is outdated.

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