Redpoint Global, The Harris Poll Survey: Marketer and Consumer Gap Remains, but Narrows

Only 26% of consumers believe brands are truly “excellent” at Customer Experience, where 51% of marketers believe the same; more than half of consumers feel unseen by the brands they interact with

Redpoint Global Inc.Redpoint Global today announced results from the second Redpoint-sponsored Harris Poll survey on Customer Experience (CX) Gaps. The survey of 1,500 consumers and 150 senior marketers reveals a continued gap in perceptions and expectations between the two groups, as well as a misalignment across key CX dimensions. For consumers, the most important element is consistency of experience. Lack of consistency is one major reason why 74 percent of consumers believe brands fall short of delivering an “excellent” CX. Consumers also have an expectation for omnichannel personalization, but many say that they still feel unseen (55 percent) and undervalued (48 percent) by the brands they interact with and that the experiences they’re provided rarely meet their expectations (48 percent).

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“Personalization is a must-have for any organization today – and the businesses that are flourishing are already focusing heavily on bringing data quality, speed and scale to the personalization process”

Marketers on the other hand, remain very positive in their perspective about CX delivery, with the vast majority saying they believe that things in their industry are headed in the right direction (95 percent), and they are delivering an exceptional CX (93 percent). While confident in their personalization delivery, marketers are now more willing to admit rising challenges. In the survey, marketers indicated that they have an average of 16 customer engagement systems deployed, nearly double the amount reported in 2019. The explosion of data sources is a core reason marketers feel their MarTech stack is preventing them from managing the most effective omnichannel CX.

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Consumers also believe brands are failing to personalize their experiences because their customer data is not accurate or up to date. Marketers agree data is a problem, with data quality/accuracy being the area they most want to improve (34 percent). As other data quality roadblocks, marketers cite a lack of data integration between the systems (41 percent), closed integrated marketing clouds (41 percent) and highly specialized applications that can’t be replaced (40 percent). The younger the consumer the more likely they are to view personalization as a tablestakes requirement (Gen Z/Millennials at 73 percent, Gen X at 70 percent and Boomers/Silent Generation only 55 percent) and 39 percent of all consumers who will no longer do business with a brand that doesn’t offer a personalized experience.

“Personalization is a must-have for any organization today – and the businesses that are flourishing are already focusing heavily on bringing data quality, speed and scale to the personalization process,” said John Nash, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Redpoint Global. “In our survey with The Harris Poll, it’s clear that marketers recognize the challenges of delivering optimal customer experiences, even when overestimating their own ability to deliver that experience. Bridging these gaps will require continued investment in solutions that can deliver perfected customer data and simplify orchestration of real-time decisions, interactions and overall customer engagement.”

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