DRAKO Supports Unified ID 2.0 In New Partnership with The Trade Desk

Advertisers can activate DRAKO’s location datasets into Unified ID 2.0’s through The Trade Desk platform

Location-based marketing and analytics services startup DRAKO has announced its support of Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), an upgraded identity solution built for the open internet. This comes as DRAKO expands its partnership with global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk to enable DRAKO data for buyers on The Trade Desk’s platform.

An industry-wide approach to identity for the open internet, UID2 allows advertisers to create an identifier from hashed and salted email addresses in an effort to maintain the value exchange of the internet, while aiming to equip consumers with upgraded privacy controls.

With DRAKO’s high-quality location data sets, advertisers and brands can activate and scale campaigns based on valuable first-party data in a privacy-conscious way. These location-based audience segments are available today on both The Trade Desk and through DRAKO’s in-house managed services department.

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“Securely encrypting datasets in a privacy-compliant way is a win for advertisers, publishers and consumers,” said Jay Goebel, General Manager, Data Partnerships, The Trade Desk. “Making DRAKO’s data available to transact as UID2s will give advertisers more precision and scale to execute their advertising campaigns.”

This integration with UID 2.0 further future-proofs DRAKO’s addressability solutions as offered through their new self-serve platform Euklid, launching in early 2023. Euklid is an audience management platform that will allow advertisers to build their own location-based segments, using UID2s to more effectively leverage and enrich their own first-party data. The platform includes options to create, refine, and sustainably scale custom audiences, activating these segments through an integration with The Trade Desk.

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“We believe that by using our data and by customizing desired audiences, our clients will be able to improve campaign performance and maximize RoAS,” said Gabriel Mongeau, CTO, DRAKO. “Transacting data through UID 2.0 will strengthen Euklid’s capabilities as a self-serve platform and give advertisers a forward-looking data strategy, one that is customizable to fit their needs.”

Stewart Sullivan, CEO, DRAKO, added, “We are excited about our partnership with The Trade Desk and our integration with Unified ID 2.0 because of how it will allow us to provide our clients with an innovative offering that is unique to the North American market.”

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