Fobi Launches CheckPoint Venue Access Management Solution With Built In ID Verification

Fobi AI Inc., a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive operational efficiencies and profitability, today announced the launch of the CheckPoint Venue Access Management system, together with the newest 2.0 version of their Smart Tap device.

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The current conference & event management landscape is largely outdated. With almost entirely manual processes, the current registration and sign-in systems are slow, resource-heavy, and expensive.   CheckPoint is a sophisticated, end-to-end system that automates the entire registration and sign-in process for venues and their attendees, digitally transforming this very analog industry.

CheckPoint by Fobi brings contactless self-service check-in to events and venues using Fobi Wallet Passes for ticketing, in a solution that seamlessly integrates with existing hardware and software.   Upon arrival, the guest taps their phone on Fobi’s new Smart Tap 2.0 device. This securely reads and decrypts the contents of their wallet pass and communicates with a tablet or PC running Fobi’s browser-based CheckPoint application. The guest’s information is fetched and displayed on the screen, enabling ID verification. The guest’s ID badge can also be automatically printed out.

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The entire CheckPoint application is web-based, which removes the need for local installation, and for the support that comes with desktop or tablet applications. It can run on existing hardware, or on Fobi supplied hardware.

Another key benefit of the CheckPoint solution is the ID verification that is built in. ID verification is a huge market and according to a recent report by Markets and Markets is expected to grow from $8.6 Billion in 2021 to $18.6 Billion in 2026 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.6%.

“CheckPoint is the way of the future for verifiable access and entry as it will enable operators to provide a seamless and automated user experience and provide venue operators with the highest level of security for entry to conferences, award shows, government facilities, stadiums, corporate towers or health care facilities. We are now very well positioned as we deliver a true turnkey out-of-the-box verified venue management solution,” said Rob Anson, Fobi CEO.

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