Clinch and LG Ads Solutions Bring Data-Driven Creative to the Big Screen

Clinch Enables Dynamic Creative Optimization For LG Ads Solutions’ Global CTV Media Ecosystem

Clinch, the company that provides AI-driven omnichannel personalization across CTV, OTT, Programmatic, Social, Native, DOOH, and Audio, announced it has partnered with LG Ads Solutions, the exclusive provider of LG smart TV native ads and audience targeting data, to enable dynamic creative optimization (DCO) across its global connected TV media ecosystem.

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Marketers turn to LG Ad Solutions for its premium connected TV inventory, exclusive TV data for granular targeting, custom segmentation capabilities and guaranteed outcomes on media buys. Clinch enhances these services by offering creative automation, ad delivery, distribution, and creative optimization at scale across LG Ads Solutions’ more than 120 million households worldwide. Further, the Clinch platform empowers advertisers to take their media buys to the next level, with data-driven creatives that incorporate dynamic elements like product or location feeds, and event triggers that run the gamut from weather to game scores.

Dynamic creative features such as contextual or viewer-driven product selection and messaging are powered by data from LG Ads Solutions proprietary automatic content recognition (ACR) technology. Clinch’s robust measurement and optimization technology enables advertisers to understand how creatives are working, and apply those insights to ongoing campaigns in real-time. LG Ads Solutions’ ACR data guarantees that creatives align with an advertiser’s audience preferences.

“Our partnership marks another milestone in our ongoing evolution toward the future of omnichannel innovation,” said Oz Etzioni, CEO at Clinch. “We’re taking many of the same principles that drive success in digital and applying them to CTV.”

The powerful combination of Clinch’s DCO offering and smart ad server enable LG Ads Solutions to solve common challenges that plague the CTV/OTT space, like ad fatigue and fragmentation. Clinch’s complex decisioning engine is powered by machine learning algorithms that treat every impression like a small experiment. These experiments uncover unique dimensions of engagement data that are analyzed and converted into actionable insights that help optimize CTV campaigns.

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For example, for a quick-service-restaurant (QSR) campaign Clinch’s DCO feature can dynamically update the creatives to include the location of the nearest restaurant to the viewer.

“We’re deeply invested in next-generation solutions that balance data-driven advertising and superior user experience, a sentiment we share with our advertisers,” said Ashish Baldua, Chief Product Officer for LG Ads Solutions. “Our partnership with Clinch supports this commitment and is well positioned to meet the current needs of our business and clients, while future-proofing our advertising technology stack.”

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