Simplaex Introduces Rivr To Bridge The Programmatic Gap Between Advertisers And Publishers

Rivr Is An AI-solution Purpose-built To Reduce The Complexity Of The Programmatic Ecosystem 

Simplaex, announced the beta-launch of Rivr, its new AI-powered Audience Yield Manager that enables SSPs and publishers to advance to an audience-based performance model, delivering exponential value to advertisers. The announcement was made at the AdMonsters 2018 Ops Conference in New York.

Today, programmatic advertising has passed the tipping point, and has become a highly complex and non-transparent landscape. The ever-increasing tech stack at both sides of the ecosystem is driving advertisers and publishers further apart when it comes to understanding and evaluating audiences.

Rivr promises to present a unified audience view live from the programmatic bid stream to give publishers and SSPs renewed confidence in their most valuable asset – its audiences. It’s no secret that advertisers love precision; the more precisely they can hit their prospective customers right in their key motivators, the more they stand to gain from their placement on a publishers’ site.

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At its core, Rivr acts as a universal translator for the programmatic value chain to classify audiences and supports SSPs and publishers to understand and anticipate any change in the bid stream on an audience level. According to the demand-side’s “willingness to pay” for a specific audience, SSPs and publishers can also adapt to a dynamic pricing strategy that represents the real value of an audience versus the actual demand. As a result, buyers will be able to receive the specific audiences they want and sellers can optimize pricing and fill rates accordingly with a highly cost-efficient traffic distribution mechanism.

Following an intensive collaboration with several SSPs in the US and Europe, Rivr officially closed its design phase and is now moving to beta. Heading up Rivr will be Benjamin Hansz, who was recently appointed as Vice President of Strategy for Simplaex

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“In our conversations with advertisers, publishers and SSPs, we heard a number of recurring themes, all related to the fragmentation of the programmatic supply chain. Rivr addresses these themes head on without adding another layer to the tech stack,” said Jeffry van Ede, CEO and Co-Founder, Simplaex.

“We’ve worked extremely hard on ensuring that Rivr’s AI can be plugged into any existing technology to offer SSPs and publishers the ability to better forecast and price audiences, while also giving them the assurance that these audiences don’t overlap with other high-value segments and sections so they can sell more without risking under-delivery or cannibalization,” said Moti Tal, CTO and Co-Founder, Simplaex.

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The following are the key benefits of Rivr:

  • Transparency: A single factual view on audiences from both sides of the supply chain, classified in real time through the programmatic interaction from within the bid stream.
  • Simplicity: Recognize and respond to any change within the bid stream and understand all factors of influence to any change in audiences on either supply- or demand side.
  • Performance: Unified audience classification and valuation based on the actual supply and demand optimizes the ROI of advertisers, publishers and SSPs.

“It’s easy to get lost in the over-complicated landscape of adtech these days, but what we’re providing is a rather simple and elegant solution. Advertisers have become used to buying audiences, and our platform enables SSPs and publishers to deliver what advertisers want,” said Hansz.

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