ViewLift Deploys Advanced Ads Solutions for Customers

To help content creators monetize their content through doubling up of CPMs on Google Ads

ViewLift, a global leader in end-to-end streaming and OTT solutions, announced the deployment of Advanced Ads Solution to help content monetization through Google Ads by enabling SDKs like PAL, Open Measurement, and Why This Ad (WTA) for its customers, helping them double their CPMs through Google Ads.

Advanced Ads Solution is a new package of player-level implementation and certifications that allow you to specify who is watching and rule out the bots and fake ads. This implementation gives publishers a lot more comfort about who is watching. The basic version of Ads implementation already has many features and tools, such as creating any number of ads, organizing them into groups, implementing ad rotation, and more. One can also implement very complex ad settings to precisely target specific groups of users and types of content.

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Some of the features from business and customer points of view are:


Flexible ad types

Monetize ad-block users

Works on cached sites

Click Fraud Protection

Tracking & Reports

Test ad networks

Mobile ads

Selling Ad Space

Schedule ads

Control the ad layout

Manage unlimited ads

Managing to make AMP ready page

Powerful CPM building

Monetize content

Though this is a global phenomenon, it’s highly relevant for the Indian market as a lot of businesses in India rely on advertisements to generate revenue. Deploying Advanced Ads from ViewLift will allow its customers to double their CPMs and fill rate with Google.

Manik Bambha, Co-founder & President at ViewLift said, “Advanced Ads technology allows our clients to further utilize the benefits from Google Ads to monetize their content and practically double their earnings. The deployment of ViewLift’s PAL, WTA, and OM enhance the performance of advertisements by doubling up the CPMs and helping content owners save time and utilize the technology to its full potential.”

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