Dialpad Launches Agent Empowerment to Boost Customer Retention and Triple Contact Center Agent Productivity

Dialpad Ai Agent Assist and soon to be released, Ai QA Scorecards to provide real-time insights to maximize success with customers, reduce contact center costs, and minimize staff attrition

Dialpad, Inc., the industry leader in AI-powered communication and collaboration, announced the launch of Agent Empowerment for contact center supervisors, managers, and agents, equipping them with tools that will provide improved customer experiences:

  • Dialpad Ai Agent Assist – Built on a patented, intuitive, and blazing fast conversational search engine, this new Ai capability enables easy-to-implement process and compliance automation while connecting and bringing agent-required tools and services into one easy-to-use interface. As a result, the average handle time is reduced by up to 66%. Dialpad Ai Agent Assist removes the difficulty it takes to create a traditional bot-like conversational interface. Knowledge is ingested easily from legacy knowledge systems, reducing the knowledge management time by over 60%.
  • Dialpad Ai QA Scorecards – QA Scorecards, currently available to Dialpad customers, help agents stay on track during calls, ensure compliance, and guide supervisors through the quality assurance process – during and after calls – to inform a better contact resolution. In the coming weeks, Dialpad Ai will improve QA Scorecards by automatically flagging a scorecard’s phrases and behaviors and pre-filling scorecards automatically to dramatically speed up call reviews.

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To future-proof any organization, the need to cut costs and maximize ROI is more important than ever. However, two of the biggest challenges and cost drivers contact centers face are agent attrition, with over 30% turnover each year, and customer retention. In fact, American companies lose upwards of $83B due to poor customer service. This is largely due to organizations struggling to provide agents with the right training, conversational guidance, and information required to engage properly with customers – often due to inadequate integration of unstructured information and disparate company systems. Additionally, on average, 26% of cases handled by contact centers require five or more interactions, creating a cost impact that otherwise could be resolved through a seamless all-in-one solution. With the launch of Agent Empowerment and its Ai capabilities through Dialpad Ai Contact Center, organizations can increase agent productivity, reduce attrition, and improve customer experiences, all while cutting costs.

“AI-based guidance is a breakthrough technology for contact centers, bringing immediate, relevant assistance to agents in any situation,” said Keith Dawson, Vice President and Research Director at Ventana Research. “It relieves the pressure on over-burdened agents while improving the customer’s experience. Dialpad’s new Ai Agent Assist skillfully manages and suggests ways for representatives to zero in on precise actions without missing a beat.”

“Dialpad’s Ai is a game changer for the contact center because it drives customer satisfaction, prevents customer attrition, and turns the contact center into a profit center,” said Dan O’Connell, Chief Strategy Officer at Dialpad.

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