DAD Aiming at Redefining Digital Advertising Through Distributed Trust Advertising Ecosystem

The word “advertisement” came from the Latin word “advertere,” which means “attention, inducement and transmission,” and the word evolved later into advertising. The connotation of the word is to “make someone notice something” or to “notify people of something to cause others` attention.” DAD, a new generation of distributed trust advertising ecosystem, is now trying shape the future of advertising.

As advertisements now seem to appear nearly everywhere all along the way from home to the workplaces and in buses, subways, elevators, and even in public toilets, in video games, forums and on social media, DAD, a distributed trust advertising ecosystem, is now aiming at redefining advertising by building a distributed trust collaboration platform.

Some of the biggest issues that have put a question mark before the reliability and future of advertising are the companies distributing false information, such in the case of Baidu, the search engine giant that purportedly cheated its users, information leakage as it happened in the case of Facebook, and users not having the liberty to block some ads such as Topbuzz.

DAD’s aim is to help people see what they actually want to see. At the same time, the distributed trust advertising ecosystem was created to provide users with real and high-quality product information. The platform also allows advertisers to gain incremental value and added benefits from their advertising activities.

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DAD has been engaged in digital advertising since 2013, and now they have entered the era of blockchain advertising with billions of users worldwide. The Democratic supervision mechanism of the platform is expected to eliminate illegal advertising. For eliminating illegal advertising by analyzing millions of ad contents through using big data, artificial intelligence and mature advertising data model has been used. DAD blockchain mode, also known as D-ad, gives the rights back to users. Users can kick out cheating and illegal ads from D-ad chain by voting.

In addition to that, the advertising chain can be tracked with full transparency and it is expected to deliver real and effective performance. In the general mode, both the traffic provider and third-party platform can deliver and exchange data related to placement, display time, duration, user clicks, views, downloads, etc to advertisers as evidence of performance.

On the other hand, the DAD blockchain mode shows up all the data on the chain. All the information such as ad placements, clicks, views, downloads, etc. is public. All the data will be post backed to advertisers, so they can track everything on the chain at any time.

With Smart Contracts, advertisers can pay for real performance of the advertisements. In the general mode, traffic providers can give quotation or bidding and advertisers can confirm the rate-start promotion. As Advertisers are responsible for ROI, the platform will raise disputes in payment issues between two sides once there are problems during the cooperation.

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In the DAD blockchain model, advertisers can choose ad placements and promotion model, and sign IO through smart contracts. Pricing and bidding are recorded in distributed nodes and payment will be paid to traffic platforms based on smart contracts automatically.

The Token Economics adopted by DAD facilitates users hold ad revenues. In the general mode, when advertisers pay 100%, agency gets 40%, traffic provider shares 60% and the user gets 0%.

At present, the key players in the online advertising world are Google and Facebook. 86% of Google’s annual revenue comes from advertising business in 2017, and its market value is $822.1 billion. 98% of Facebook’s annual revenue comes from advertising business in 2017, and its market value is $574 billion. However, in the DAD Blockchain mode, when advertisers pay 100%, traffic providers get 60% and users will get 40%. If the advertising revenue of DAD reaches 20% of that of Google, the users will get an estimated $166.4 billion in revenues.

DAD has also launched Spark Program. The massive DAD Token will be released continuously for four weeks, and generous benefits are assured for the users. Users need to become a member of Spark Program, finish registration and thereafter, they will get an invitation to get DAD Token.

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