Gainsight and Productboard Partnership Puts Customers at the Center of All Product Decisions

New bi-directional integration provides feedback loop between customer success and product teams, makes it easier to collaborate and improve customer experience

Gainsight, the platform for Durable Growth, and Productboard, the leader in product management software, and announced a bi-directional integration between Gainsight CS and Productboard that helps Product and Customer Success teams collaborate to drive customer satisfaction and guide roadmap strategy. With this integration, Customer Success teams can send customer product feedback from Gainsight directly into Productboard and track their customer product requests throughout the entire lifecycle. This orchestrated effort across functions creates unparalleled customer experiences, resulting in higher retention rates and powers organizational growth.

“There’s often misalignment between Customer Success and Product teams. The two functions tend to be siloed, separated by conflicting priorities and miscommunication,” said Dave Killeen, Vice President of Product at Productboard. “With this new integration, we’re bridging that gap between Customer Success and Product and giving them the tools they need to work in lockstep to deliver the features and enhancements that promote customer retention and adoption.”

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“In today’s economy, efficient growth is the North Star for all businesses. Customer Success and Product teams must work together to improve Net Revenue Retention and product adoption to drive long-term, durable growth,” said Karl Rumelhart, President of Product, Technology, and Global Operations at Gainsight. “This partnership will enable the two teams to collaborate more easily and deliver real business outcomes.”

Recent data from the 2022 Product Excellence Survey finds that 40% of Product teams struggle to understand customers and customer needs, despite the industry getting better at capturing feedback. If companies truly want to adopt a more customer-centric mindset, executives need to facilitate collaboration between Product and Customer Success. The two teams need a shared process and technology that facilitates the sharing of customer needs and experience, so they can work together to better deliver on customer outcomes.

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The new integration joins existing integrations with Gainsight PX and Insided. Taken together, Customer Success and Product teams can:

Focus Product Priorities by Delivering on Customer Needs

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) can now capture and share the voice of the customer with Product teams, all in one place, which empowers them to influence the product roadmap. The integration allows for the sharing of data from Gainsight CS, notably customer health scores, along with the request, which makes it exceptionally valuable for Product teams. This offers Product Managers a new level of visibility into customer needs to improve prioritization and roadmap planning, including deeper insights into details like industries and the annual recurring revenue (ARR) of the customers making those requests. Meanwhile, the CSMs can stay up to date on the progress of the features requested by each customer—ultimately driving growth through improved retention rates and expanding customer advocacy through increased loyalty.

Improve Collaboration

Product feedback loops are the ultimate tool for improving a user’s experience, pinpointing product shortfalls, and improving product experience. CSMs now have a seamless workflow to share customer feedback with product managers to help product teams prioritize the right features that will solve real customer needs and drive growth for the organization.

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