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For marketers and sales teams to drive faster closures and optimize their efforts, it is important to not only understand who their buyers are but also who and what influences their decisions; find out more from this latest martech weekly highlight by Martech Series:


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Most marketers understand that digital marketing has shifted to a local focus. The pandemic has only amplified the need to reach real local consumers through high-value engagements. According to Forrester, 60 percent of businesses still believe that physical locations drive the majority of business – even despite the challenges of lockdowns and the shift to online purchasing. The disconnect between what is happening at the corporate level and local level can cost companies dearly.

Monica Ho, Chief Marketing Officer at SOCi 

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MarTech Interview with Yaniv Vakrat, Chief Business Officer at Wix
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Having an online presence is paramount for any business to succeed in today’s digital age. The recent pandemic has emphasized, beyond doubt, that if you cannot do your business online, you cannot do business at all. A business’ online presence helps build relationships between a business and its customers, both existing and potential. 

Yaniv Vakrat, Chief Business Officer at Wix 


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