Singapore Based Online Reputation Agency Leak Content Removal Welcomes New CEO

Leak Content Removal, an online reputation management company in Singapore, announced today that it has named Lily Kix as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective 18 January 2022. Leak Content Removal is an all-female team that provides reputation management services to remove negative content on the internet.

“It is a privilege to be part of a company that has changed the lives of so many people around the world,” shared Kix. “I look forward to continuing the excellent work that its past CEO has started and to guide Leak Content Removal through its next chapter.”

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The Singapore-based company has been combating removal of unauthorized content from the internet, such as revenge porn, copyright content, defamatory articles and fake reviews. Its goal is to help people regain control of their online reputation through services like Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown, content monitoring, content removal, and digital reputation management. The company serves individuals who have been victims of cybercrime such as revenge porn, content creators who have their work published without permission, as well as businesses that are dealing with negative reviews that ruin their reputation.


Although the company provides a variety of online reputation management services, it is well-known for its leaked content removal services, particularly those that involve private and intimate content. Over the coronavirus pandemic, reports of revenge porn increased as individuals exchanged sexual content, only to find that they were published by their abusers on the internet. In fact, the UK’s Safer Internet Center reportedly handled 1,914 cases involving revenge porn. Leak Content Removal guarantees to get rid of the illegal content for good.

According to the company, it needed to find someone who had a deep understanding of its clients’ needs. This meant finding someone who would treat its clients’ concerns with the same seriousness that the company has shown since its inception.

“Leak Content Removal has always wanted its clients to feel comfortable, given that it’s dealing with sensitive matters. I believe that I have the expertise to lead the team in continuing to provide takedown services that meet the ever-evolving digital risks,” added Kix.

Victims of image-based sexual abuse deal with extreme stress. Sometimes, victims end up postponing their plans such as attending university, while others distance themselves from friends and family due to the embarrassment of being a victim of revenge porn. Others even move away, thinking that there’s no way to take down the content. Leak Content Removal provides revenge porn removal services so that clients don’t need to resort to drastic changes to regain control of their lives.

Their team ensures that there’s no trace left of the content on the internet. They do this by scraping through the sites where the content is typically shared, including identified forums, chat apps and chat groups. After the content is wiped, the team continues to monitor these sites to stop the deleted content from resurfacing.

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Leak Content Removal’s takedown services are not limited to sensitive content like intimate pictures. Intellectual property is also covered by its DMCA takedown services that align with the U.S. copyright law, which criminalises the unlawful production and sale of copyrighted work like pictures and articles.

Given that multiple artists have discovered that their art has been stolen and sold online, often as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Leak Content Removal’s DCMA takedown couldn’t have come at a better time. The emergence of digital art has resulted in art theft – and oftentimes, the artist is unaware of it. For instance, t-shirt companies often steal art that they print on products without the artist’s consent.

As a response to this risk, Leak Content Removal takes the stolen content down from websites and search engines such as Google. Furthermore, their team keep an eye on who has shared the work so that it can be immediately deleted.


With Leak Content Removal, businesses can remove negative content from well-known platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business. Through its diligent online reputation management services, the company can help preserve a business’s reputation, allowing it to continue serving its clients without worrying about the public’s perception. In other words, its role is to do an online “deep clean”, making sure that are no bad fake reviews lurking on the internet.

Aside from websites, the Leak Content Removal team keeps an eye on social media, like Instagram and Twitter, to make sure that no one is posting defamatory information about the business.


Leak Content Removal’s work isn’t over when they have removed the negative content. Through diligent content monitoring, the team guarantees that the content will not re-emerge. After the team has successfully removed the negative content from the internet, they will continue to keep an eye on these sites to make sure the content is not reuploaded in case someone has made copies of the content.

This service covers leaked content like revenge porn, as well as stolen content such as artwork. That way, clients won’t have to monitor the internet themselves. They can count on a dedicated team of takedown experts to make sure that the content doesn’t continue to spread.

“I think that its consistency is what sets this company apart, and that’s what makes me proud to be part of it,” shared Kix. “The company always stays by its clients’ side. That’s something I want to continue as the company’s new CEO.”

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