TolunaInsights Unveiled to Transform End-to-End Consumer Insights Platform

TolunaInsights™ Empowers Businesses with Real-Time Automated Consumer Insights

Toluna, a leading provider of consumer insights for the on-demand economy, has completed a corporate rebrand to spotlight its value proposition and market position. Underpinning the rebrand is the launch of TolunaInsights™, the industry’s first comprehensive, automated platform that delivers consumer insights in real-time. These changes mark a significant milestone based on the founding vision ten years ago to democratize market research and reflect Toluna’s evolution from a leading sample and survey provider to a comprehensive platform-based consumer insights company.

With TolunaInsights, customers can access the platform directly, leverage Toluna’s managed services, or create fully-customized digital consumer insights programs via our engineered services.

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TolunaInsights Enables Users to Leverage Best-In-Class Consumer Insight Solutions On-Demand

Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO & Founder, Toluna
Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO & Founder, Toluna

“Companies face a constant battle for time and resources when it comes to accessing and acting on consumer intelligence,” said Frederic Charles-Petit, CEO of Toluna.

Charles added, “There is an increasingly urgent need across every business function for automated solutions powered by advanced technology that deliver reliable insights in real-time. TolunaInsights is our answer to that need in market research and is the culmination of a journey we embarked on ten years ago as one of the very few technology-driven global market research companies. Our platform combines the power of millions of global influencers with world-class research expertise to ensure that companies of all sizes anywhere in the world stay at the forefront of consumer insight.”

TolunaInsights is the industry’s only end-to-end automated platform where audiences, surveys, communities, and analytics are completely integrated and powered by on-demand insights, and behavioral data from Toluna’s global community.

Toluna’s platform-based approach provides significant time and cost-savings, without sacrificing quality or confidence in decision-making, as Toluna’s expertise is integrated into the platform. TolunaInsights enables users to leverage best-in-class consumer insight solutions on-demand and was built to complement Toluna QuickSurveys, the company’s real-time DIY survey platform. TolunaInsights provides clients with the ability to access an end-to-end automated solution for all aspects of consumer insights.

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“After years of some of the world’s largest companies using our proprietary consumer insight solutions, we understand the challenges facing businesses in today’s on-demand economy. We are bringing TolunaInsights to market as a single platform to meet the rapidly evolving business need across all functions for agile, yet comprehensive technology solutions,” said Phil Ahad, EVP Head of Products and Strategy at Toluna.

Phil added, “The efficiency and scale our platform provides is unrivaled, and our goal is to provide users with efficiencies that enable them to focus on adding value, as opposed to tactical execution.  We become a true extension of any in-house consumer insights team.”

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Toluna Offers Various Products and Service-Levels to Complement the Tolunainsights Platform

TolunaInsights is an end-to-end automated platform with robust solutions including —


Access members of Toluna’s global community of 21+ million influencers across 68 markets in real-time to run surveys on-demand.  Further, Toluna offers Digital Tracking which provides unprecedented real-time insight into digital behavioral data.


Create surveys via a highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use engine, or access the PowerSuite of automated methodologies.


Recruit, build, and manage communities in real-time, on an ongoing basis via a custom branded community. Users can listen to their community members as they engage in on-site discussions. 


An easy-to-use, web-based data visualization and analytics tool that enables clients to access real-time reporting and analyze results with the click of a button while surveys are in the field, as data populates in real-time.

Further, Toluna offers various service-levels to complement the TolunaInsights platform. The levels differ by how much our Toluna experts are involved in the process and the complexity of surveys and services.

Self-Served / DIY

Clients selecting to Self-Served/DIY use TolunaInsights to program and run their own studies.

Managed Services

Within the managed services offering, Toluna provides services that include project management, programming, sampling, data processing, and more.


Engineered-level services for the implementation of customized programs and dashboard systems, white-labeled digital insights solutions and more. 

Further reflecting the success of Toluna’s strategy within the rapidly changing market research technology landscape, the company was ranked eleventh in the 2018 Greenbook GRIT “Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers” moving up from twenty-second in 2017.

Currently, Toluna provides consumer insights designed to empower success in today’s on-demand, global economy. Powered by the perfect fusion of technology, expertise, and the largest global community of influencers at the ready, Toluna delivers rich, reliable, real-time insights to individual and companies of all sizes.

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