Do Your AdTech Goals for 2018 Look Like These?

According to Matt Fanelli of MNI Targeted Media, Ad Fraud Would Continue to Be an Issue Across the Digital Landscape

Matthew Fanelli, SVP of Digital, MNI Targeted Media,
Matthew Fanelli, SVP of Digital, MNI Targeted Media

Historically, the advertising industry has always at the forefront of innovation. To understand how  marketing and sales technologies would shape up in the future, just have a look at the adtech ecosystem. From mitigating brand safety concerns to managing audience data for targeted advertising campaigns, adtech has always bustled with new innovations to make brands more visible, at better engagement rates.

If you are yet to lay out your adtech goals for 2018, Matthew Fanelli, SVP of Digital, MNI Targeted Media, has some gems to share with you.

Leverage People-based Marketing Platforms to Defeat Ad Fraud

As fraud continues to be an issue across the digital landscape, people-based marketing remains front and center. Leveraging these capabilities allows advertisers to speak directly to consumers rather than having to guess who a user might be.

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People-based marketing helps cut down a decent amount of fraud in the space as media partners continue to grow their fraud detection capabilities. It is of utmost importance to know who you are working with and implementing verification services on every campaign.

Watch out for the Consolidation of Media Solution Companies

We continue to see companies that are successful in one area of media consolidating or being purchased by a larger partner. In the long run, this will be a positive as vendors in the space will become experts in numerous functionalities and provide better solutions to clients.

Being consultative is key to success. Standalone organizations that only serve a small niche and lack unique differentiators won’t survive.

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Determine Your Attribution Model Accurately for Better ROI

Every marketer is looking to maximize every dollar spent.

Proving return-on-investment (ROI) will become even more important in 2018. The growth and proliferation of data allow the clients to pass sales data back to their advertising technology partners. This helps the marketers determine the actual success of a campaign on the bottom line.

Data scientists are figuring out how to connect the data deterministically and marketers are getting smarter when it comes to what they expect from attribution.

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Video, Video, and Video…

Short-form and interactive videos will grow exponentially, especially as more cord-cutting happens in 2018. In terms of short-form videos, more and more clients are looking for a quick way to gain user attention, while also articulating a call to action. The strategy to leverage the Interactive Video is very much the opposite.

The key goals here will be to increase engagement, while also having things that not only get a user to view the ad but also get them to interact while watching the video. Both of these promote the consumer’s on-demand mentality — I want to watch what I want, whenever I want, and wherever I want.

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Time to Make Native your Go-To Strategy

According to the Native Advertising Agency, native advertising would be the most dominant force in the adtech ecosystem. As user-generated content and mobile video formats take the center stage in adtech, marketers and media buying companies should set up their game against shady ad fraud practices and improve their audience measurement metrics in 2018.

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