Digital Remedy Brings CTV Performance & Attribution to E-commerce and Retail Advertisers

Solution ties CTV ad impressions to app installs, website traffic, in-store visits, cart amounts, and more; clients include Jersey Mike’s and Cuup, among others

Digital Remedy, a leading digital media and technology company that offers Performance CTV solutions, announced its proprietary performance CTV platform, Flip, is now widely available to e-commerce and retail advertisers. Flip connects mobile location data with CTV ad impressions to help brands granularly understand campaign performance, attribution and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

CTV viewership has exploded. To take advantage of the channel’s surging audience, e-commerce and retail brands are making CTV a key part of their advertising strategy. CTV allows brands to apply an audience-first, data-driven approach to TV similar to other digital channels. However, as ad strategies continue to become more CTV-reliant, brands need greater clarity on performance and ROI.

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Enter Digital Remedy’s Flip solution which helps advertisers and agencies accurately and granularly measure CTV campaign effectiveness. The platform provides an easy-to-use dashboard that shows CTV buyers exactly which campaigns are working across which devices, publishers, demographics, and more – all in real time. Using proprietary software, Flip can tie ad impressions to app installs, cart amounts and site visits. The platform can even match a CTV impression to an in-store visit when that device shows up in a physical store, uniquely tying digital impressions to physical actions. With its full-funnel attribution capabilities, Flip traces every CTV impression to a conversion and sheds light on ROAS as CTV investments grow.

“With Flip, we’re able to connect real-world sales events to CTV impressions to let retailers know, definitively, that someone was exposed to their CTV ad, and then visited their site or made a purchase,” said Mike McHale, Head of Activation at Noble People. “We’ve set our sights on elevating CTV to a fully accountable performance media channel — driving real-world results for our clients by allowing them to activate against their data or 3rd party data to maximize return on ad spend. Flip has answered the call for a new benchmark for measuring campaign success, even on platforms that don’t have a lot of transparent reporting, and we’re thrilled to extend it to e-commerce and retail brands.”

Flip is the cornerstone of Digital Remedy’s full CTV/OTT offering, helping digital ad buyers optimize targeting, tracking and campaign management across multiple platforms and devices. Now, e-commerce and retail clients can leverage and unlock real-time insights, measure the true impact of campaigns and optimize to drive results.

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With Flip, e-commerce and retail marketers will be able to:

  • Track & Optimize Performance – Flip enables e-commerce brands and retailers to identify top-performing CTV inventory sources and quickly allocate budget to those publishers that truly reach the target audience.
  • Drive Traffic and Sales – With Flip’s unique insights, e-commerce and retail advertisers can optimize campaigns to boost sales, drive more traffic to their website and ultimately lead visitors to complete cart checkouts.
  • Measure Incremental Lift – Flip allows retail and e-commerce marketers to measure which actions, like purchases or site visits, occurred as a direct result of a brand’s campaign, or variable within a campaign.
  • Analyze Data in Real-time – Digital Remedy offers a variety of analytics tools and features within Flip that can be used by e-commerce and retail advertisers to know exactly how the brand’s audience differs from platform to platform, and what approaches will be most effective.

“As the industry aims to keep pace with consumer demand for personalized experiences in an economic environment where every dollar counts, measurement and performance have become critical metrics for retail advertisers,” said Matt Sotebeer, Chief Strategy Officer at Digital Remedy. “We’re ecstatic to extend Flip’s capabilities in the retail and ecommerce sector and remain committed to providing a holistic solution by which advertisers can unlock and optimize real-time insights, measure campaign effectiveness, and drive valuable results.”

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