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4 Ways a Marketing Automation Solution Can Enable Business Growth

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Technology Evaluation Centers logoIf you’re looking for ways to situate your business at the forefront of today’s market (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), then it’s high time that you consider Marketing Automation. The bottom line isn’t just that the market has changed — the buyer has too. And this means that your business needs to change as well. Marketing Automation tools, as part of a comprehensive strategy of marketing attribution that nurtures customers along the path to conversation, can provide your company with an effective response to that change.

What Is Marketing Automation?

So, what is Marketing Automation, and how can it transform your business? The answer to that question depends largely on whom you ask. However, when you boil it down to its simplest form, marketing automation is an effective approach to streamline your marketing campaigns, drive your business, and enhance your market performance. In fact, of the organizations that incorporated Marketing Automation in their business approach in 2015, 77 percent met or exceeded their total revenue goals. If that statistic alone isn’t enough for you to try this innovative approach to marketing, then consider these additional benefits.

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Why Invest In Marketing Automation?

If you were to ask the organizations experiencing success with marketing automation, you’d likely hear a different answer from each of them, including that the system eliminates repetitive tasks normally delegated to the marketing team, improves customer targeting of both prospective and existing clients, enhances the customer experience, and makes for better Email Marketing, among others. What it really boils down to is this: Marketing Automation increases employee productivity, reduces overall costs, improves your brand imaging, and increases sales.

1. Greater Productivity

One of the biggest benefits of Marketing Automation for any marketing team is its ability to reduce the labor-intensive manual work that has become customary of marketing communications. Rather than spending all of their time manually dispatching campaigns, your marketing team members will be able to quickly and efficiently schedule campaigns, leaving them more time to participate in the creative process. Automation helps achieve this increase in productivity by facilitating automated campaigns that require little to no IT or coding skills, making campaigns and other virtual events quicker to produce. The system also offers the ability to manage your social media accounts and campaigns from a single platform, making it possible to post to multiple accounts in one action. This capability doesn’t just streamline your marketing, but it also improves brand awareness.

Beyond reducing the manual workload of your team, Marketing Automation will help boost productivity by improving the internal cooperation among the different departments in your organization. This benefit is particularly important to your sales and marketing teams, as many of the efforts of these departments must be coordinated to best serve your clients and meet your revenue goals. Automation allows these two teams to work together to implement mutual decisions to simplify the sales and marketing process, resulting in seamless lead generation and customer follow-up. Additionally, because the system is automated, reporting is improved, real-time intelligence is enhanced, and customer issues are minimized.

2. Cost Savings

Marketing Automation doesn’t just increase productivity and boost sales. It also reduces costs company-wide. Where once a team of employees was needed to facilitate any marketing campaign, now an individual can single-handedly perform all the tasks required to successfully launch and run a campaign with Marketing Automation. With the automated nature of this approach, this same individual can schedule and automatically dispatch follow-ups to nurture the campaign depending on a lead or customer’s behavior, even without a whole team of marketing gurus. To put it simply, your operating costs will decrease as your business profits increase.

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3. Stronger Branding, Tighter Messaging

Automating your marketing processes will also deliver the benefit of improving your brand imaging and messaging. Because automation, in essence, forces marketers to map out their content, it also makes the message clearer and more concise. The approach requires that your company’s branding be on point, articulate, and easy to digest. Rather than wasting time on brainstorming ways to more effectively reach your audience, your marketing team will be able to apply a practical approach to intensifying your branding and message with automation. In addition, the system’s implementation process simplifies the development of content and expedites results, which, in turn, encourages employee engagement and fosters creativity.

4. Increased Sales

Best of all, Marketing Automation has been directly linked to a market-wide increase in sales. The system will help your team implement a more targeted approach to the customer experience, yielding an increase in demand for your products and services, better conversion, and higher quality leads. And, yes, each of these components is directly linked to an overall increase in sales and revenue.

An automated approach to marketing also leads to improved use of time within your sales team. The system relies on Marketing Automation to funnel Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQLs) through the process until they become legitimate Sales-Qualified Leads (SQLs). This action allows your sales team to easily prioritize the leads they receive based on conversion rates and deal size, which again contributes to an increase in successfully closed deals.

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How Marketing Automation Can Change Your Business

If you’re looking for the next big win for your company or organization, the answer lies in Marketing Automation. Not only will it increase your team productivity, but it will also save you money, improve your branding, and solidify your messaging. And with each of these components enhancing your customer experience and expanding your lead generation, it will increase your sales. Respond to the change in today’s market economy and situate your company as a leading competitor with a single tool—Marketing Automation. It won’t just change the way you do business, it will change your business.

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