Creating a Cookieless Future Today

By Jared Lansky, SVP Partnerships at MediaMath

Beyond the shadow of tech giants, several companies are leading the charge toward a cookieless future.

Rather than allowing Big Tech to determine the timeline, these companies have acknowledged the benefit of different targeting solutions to reach and engage consumers consensually across different devices. Whether identity-based, probabilistic, deterministic, or context-driven, the possibility for deterministic, household, and aggregate solutions gives companies the opportunity to extend their audiences and ensure addressability, manage frequency and measurability.

When companies try to create a cookieless future, it helps to know where their own strengths lie, and how they can work better together. Contextual targeting is one solution, and it goes beyond the site of the ad placement. Last year, IBM Watson Advertising Weather Targeting partnered with MediaMath, the world’s first Demand Side Platform (DSP) provider, and successfully elevated its digital advertising precision and effectiveness to provide optimal conditions for ad campaign efficiency and audience engagement to its media clientele, who rely on the weather to identify consumer behavior and interests.

By fostering the right partnerships, enterprises can support their media clientele in gaining control over their marketing and advertising, increasing efficient ad delivery for more impactful campaigns, and boosting customer response. In this case, the right partnership helped IBM develop privacy-compliant, accountable, and addressable solutions for its clients. All without relying on third-party cookies.

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Putting the People First

Advertising is constantly evolving to improve its audience targeting and addressability and cookie deprecation has made the need more urgent. Amid the array of audience-focused technology, identity solutions are growing in popularity, with a goal to leverage data to create different user personas for more effective addressability and targeting.

One such identity provider is Lotame, which creates data enrichment solutions for addressable advertising, and recently launched the Lotame Panorama ID, a global, people-based, privacy-compliant, and interoperable identity solution for the cookieless open web. Developed in 2021 with the help of MediaMath and PubMatic, a sell-side platform that delivers superior outcomes for digital advertising, Lotame Panorama ID had successful results, even outperforming third-party cookie-based advertising. In another instance, LiveIntent, the people-based marketing platform powered by the email address, collaborated with MediaMath to redefine its nonID, enabling brands to deliver personalized ads without third-party cookies, seamlessly bridging to other Identity solutions and working across channels and platforms for greater addressability.

Many marketers see, or are starting to see, the value of interoperable ID solutions for the future of advertising. What better way to adopt these solutions than by forming a network of companies with the same vested interest – for a connected future and an open, accessible, and transparent web for all.

Heading to Bidder Times

With the deprecation of third-party cookies, publishers are expecting a revamp of header bidding solutions. More specifically, they want buyers to be able to make transactions on publisher-defined audience characteristics in real time, without relying on third-party cookies.

This does not have to be a future endeavor. Last year, Audigent, a data activation, curation and identity platform, powered the first scalable end-to-end cookieless header bidding solution across its advertising. With the support of partners like UPROXX, MediaMath, Freestar, and The MediaGrid, Audigent was able to seamlessly deploy the header bidding solution to drive performance for brands, incrementality for publishers and enhance consumer experiences.

As we move further into a cookieless world, milestones such as these are dependent on the network that manifest them by pooling resources and skillsets. Companies eager to partake in creating a cookieless future through cookieless identity or header bidding solutions must look at their own capacity for change and available support systems first. As the above examples have demonstrated, this is quickly becoming necessary if companies hope to create targeted ad experiences while also remaining privacy-first.

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With the resources we have today, every organization can create consumer-focused, privacy-compliant ad targeting for greater ROI and consumer engagement.

While the average enterprise may not match the reputation, power, or ad spend monopolization of tech giants, it can still play a leading role in establishing new processes by joining hands with its fellow industry players to pave the way for a successful and sustainable cookieless future.


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