Five Ways by Which You Can up Your Social Media Ante with Conversational AI logoSocial media has continued to become the hotbed of all global activities. It has everyone from celebrities to politicians, professional gamers to businessmen, and everybody else engaging and sharing their views on wide-ranging topics. It also enables the masses to seamlessly connect with them as well as their near and dear ones- irrespective of distance and time.

Naturally, social media platforms are going to be the next big thing, especially as more people continue to join the digital bandwagon. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise when these platforms also become transactional with in-app purchases and payments. This is the general industry progression and such platforms might as well replace the proprietary-platform-driven commerce eventually. It will at least erode a significant portion of their overall market share.

If you want to make your business future-ready, perhaps the need of the hour is to improve your social media game before your closet competitor does. Here are five ways which you can up you ante on social media with the quintessential technology of the future, i.e. Conversational AI:

1. Effective Inbound Engagement:

Conversational AI enables you to drive more effective engagement on inbound interests such as the ones originating from the prospects and existing customers. Using semantics, the AI-driven solution is able to gauge the logical and lexical significance of user actions and statements, identify various cues, and thereby, use them to positively drive the conversation towards the desired outcome. This boosts customer engagement, satisfaction, and selling and cross-selling of market offering.

2. Robust Outbound Efforts:

Conversational AI yields more effective outbound results via it conversational as units. Conversational as unites are a novel form of display advertising wherein the brand is able to interact with its current and prospective customers precisely where they are. This makes outbound marketing efforts more efficient by eliminating a brand’s dependency on a customer coming to the proprietary platform. The approach also decreases customer acquisition cost while optimally enhancing brand awareness.

3. Higher Lifetime Value:

The AI-driven solution helps in deriving greater value throughout the customer lifetimes via deeper, more personalized conversational engagement. It is able to understand individual customer proclivity, intent, and molds the interaction according to this. Moreover, it acquaints a customer with consistent brand experience across all channels of marketing.

4. Superior Self-serving Experience:

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) has helped the industry in overcoming the challenge of turnaround time (TAT) in voice-based customer servicing. It introduced a self-serving approach to query resolution, which proved to be a game-changer as non-availability of customer-care representatives increase the waiting time and with it, the customer dissatisfaction. However, IVRs are now also becoming redundant since they are iterate non-relevant options to every customer. On the other hand, conversational AI enables a customer to come straight to the point and get the query resolved as quickly as possible.

5. The Economy Scale:

AI-driven automation helps in achieving sustainable high costs-effectiveness by extending quality service at a superhuman scale. It enables you to hand down repetitive tasks to the conversational AI and free human resources for escalation or when a customer needs human assistance. The approach also eliminates several errors omissions that negatively affect the customer experience.

These are some of the advantages of deploying a Conversational AI to your social media. Make sure you don’t miss out on the ongoing trend because the cost of following it later is only going to increase.

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