Video Marketing – The Powerful Way to Boost Your Online Presence

Airtract LogoNowadays, Video Marketing has become the most powerful way to reach audiences. It has quickly transformed the demand of customers. The increased use of Video Marketing has also affected how businesses reach their consumers and pitch their products. Research has shown that Video Marketing is much more convincing than any other Marketing type. It can target approx 81% of the customers reach once. From a business point of view, Video Marketing is more comfortable to create and work on. And seeing today’s tremendous increase in technological use, people are tilting more towards the web and content search. Tablet and mobile phones have become more common for regular searches.

Digital Technology is all that is required for Marketing nowadays. It is much cheaper than any other technological medium. Video Marketing creates a platform for businesses and product seekers to interact with content. It is much easier to create content, and it saves time too. Video marketing is an excellent investment. It is one of those online materials that provide flexibility and value to the consumers. It goes with their on-the-go lifestyle trends.

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Let’s dig into some statistical calculations to understand the fame of Video Marketing:

  • 80% of internet traffic is being projected by Video Marketing.
  • It can boost click-through rates by 200-300 %.
  • It has been claimed that the product videos can enhance the decision-making capacity of customers by 90% as ‘what you see directly affects the mind.’
  • Since mobile video consumption has been increasing by 100% every year, and it is ultimately benefiting the companies to target the group of customers.
  • One-by-three of everyone spends time watching online videos.
  • Almost 59% of the company decision-makers have voted for Video Marketing rather than advertising via articles or blogs.
  • Out of all the online video content, 35% account for Video ads and Marketing.

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Here are a few points that you need to know about Video Marketing to understand how it can boost your online business:

1. A Strong and Powerful Marketing Tool

Video advertising is the in-demand form of Marketing. It stands out as one of the most potent advertising ways to reach the target population. As per the Digital Marketing expert James McQuivey, Video content in every single minute is equivalent to 1.8 million words. Video content on landing pages can increase the conversion rate by 80%. It paves the way for global reach. For example, YouTube is the second largest online platform in the world. It has attracted many potential buyers making a variety of content. Being it any educational, business, or product review, one can quickly enter into space by ‘How to search’ option.

2. The Best Way to Promote Your Brand

People often remember what they see as a part of the video. The visual and auditory features of the video make it easier for customers to remember rather than the text form. The best part is when customers watch the advertising videos and remember the content and the brand as well. This means to have more opportunities to stand on the customer’s values. The customers also like to share the content they watch, which is another way to stand out from the huge online population.

However, for making your advertising videos as memorable as possible, one needs to be sure that the content line-up with the brand strategy. Videos help in recognizing the style or the format of the brand. It appeals to the users more effectively as compared to what the blogs or content can’t do.

3. Video Marketing Can Boost Your Site’s SEO

It has been estimated that 65% of the decision-makers reach the website after viewing the Video content. Thus, it can drastically increase the SEO by driving people more towards your website. By adding videos to the home page or the landing page of your website, one can improve the click-through rates across the board. The same is for the increase in conversion rates. Because as per HubSpot, 39% of business decision-makers reach your website after viewing the branded video.

4. Easy to Access From All the Devices

One of the most responsive ways to design a website is making it easily accessible. And when the company’s profile doesn’t work well on all the devices, it leaves behind the targeted traffic while degrading the website’s SEO. The content must fit all the devices with the expandable reach or the type of medium being used to upload the content, i.e., mobile phones or computers. It helps the content to reach a vast number of consumers with user-friendly facilities.

5.  Video Content Goes Viral Than Any Other Simple Blog/Article

Today, people are more interested in sharing the things of what they read or watch. Almost 92% of people share the Video content to their social sites. This further adds to the increase in the rate of reaching the customers. Videos are estimated to be shared more than both the texts and the links. Video content is thus the most powerful tool to enjoy the wider online reach or target audiences. Furthermore, it depends on the quality of the video and the message it wants to convey. It, therefore, can promote customer recall and can make the brand to reach the top.

A product can be a simple or complex one. The audience must understand your product before making any final purchasing.

A video will help you in making that connection with your audience. A video must come with a compelling story that can make people feel good about sharing with their social platforms. It must reach the heart of your audiences. It should be equipped with the type of content that can help you positively approach people. Reliable video content helps the brand to create an emotion-driven sale that directly hits the personnel of the purchasers or the viewers. Video marketing creates a real impact on customers. Video Marketing must promote the type of content that should be presentable enough to make the buyers feel good about purchasing that particular product.

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