TechBytes with Manny Medina, CEO, Outreach

Manny Medina, CEO at Outreach

Manny Medina
CEO, Outreach

We are engaging with industry leaders in order to obtain first-hand information about Salesforce’s Annual Extravaganza. As Dreamforce’18 concludes, we reached out to attendees to understand the core tenets of this event. As a part of an ongoing series, we spoke to Manny Medina, CEO, Outreach to understand the latest trends in Sales Enablement and what drew him to the event.

Who are you keen to meet and huddle at the event?

Our focus at Dreamforce was meeting with our incredible customers as well as the prospects currently in negotiations with us, so we could learn about their unique businesses and how we can better serve them and help them bring their innovations to market.

Personally, it was incredible to meet with the entire team at Drift, an exciting company we recently partnered with. I was also very happy to huddle with HashiCorp, an open source solution and infrastructure automation platform doing big things.

Which sections at the event would you be keen to attend?

For me, personally, many of the events organized near and around Dreamforce are the most valuable. I was excited to attend the Sales Enablement Soirée and Ops Stars – both gave me the opportunity to engage with the folks from enablement and ops who help support sales teams.

Which marketing and sales automation technologies are you most excited about?

I’m mostly excited that there were so many more Sales Engagement platforms on the floor this year, especially after G2Crowd recognized the category and Outreach as a leader in the space. It’s great to see more vendors throwing their hats into the ring. The competition elevates our game and pushes us to continue innovating.

What is the key reason that Outreach is attending Dreamforce 2018?

To meet with prospects and customers, and to participate in our partners’ events, especially the Sales Hacker Lounge, Sales Enablement Soiree and Op-Stars. We have been working to educate the sales industry on the importance of Sales Engagement, and it’s been amazing to see the response during Dreamforce.

How have Sales Intelligence journeys evolved with the maturity of data management and intelligent analytics?

They have evolved together. The leading innovators in the space are incorporating intelligence data in their platforms to provide users with the most accurate information to make better decisions.

Would you provide us your take on turning AI-driven and enabled by 2020?

AI is turning out to be an amplifier for existing activity, not a replacement for human intelligence. Sales platforms, in particular, are adopting AI to suggest the best next step based on prior data, and save time for reps. It streamlines every sales action and focuses human effort on what really demands it, freeing up time for people to connect with people.

Tell us one thing that you thoroughly enjoy at Dreamforce?

The energy, and the fact that all of these amazing technologies, companies, and missions are gathered in one place. It’s a place to learn and be educated on the advances in the space. And it’s always good to get in front of companies that may not have heard of your product, but who are dealing with the problems you solve.

An inspiring quote from past editions of Dreamforce that you have ever heard?

“Data is the real currency for your company,” – Satya Nadella

Thanks for chatting with us, Manny.

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