Common Mistakes you’re Making in your B2B Paid Search Marketing Campaign

PPC paid search, or pay-per-click advertising, can be a highly effective way of raising brand awareness and generating quality leads for B2B organizations. Nonetheless, it is simple for B2B marketers to commit costly mistakes when paid search campaigns are not initiated and managed with the best practices. Avoiding these slips and proactively dealing with such issues will help ensure PPC efforts provide a solid ROI. Pay-per-click advertising for B2B marketers can be an optimal and exciting way to get conversions and leads. However, it is important to adhere to the PPC best practices for optimizing the campaigns.

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Common mistakes that marketers make in B2B paid search marketing campaign

Are you preparing to set up and launch a new PPC campaign for your B2B organization or if are you running paid advertising campaigns, assess these mistakes that advertisers/marketers often end up making and know how to avoid them with the following simple-to-implement strategies:

Mistake 1: Hurrying to launch

This is one of the common mistakes folks in the field commit. When your enterprise has a big event or promotion, you want to get your PPC campaigns running to support it. When launching campaigns prematurely, professionals often miss certain elements, like, landing pagers, incorporation with other marketing channels, and conversion tracking. In the absence of custom landing pages, the conversion rates will likely plummet. Failing to integrate with different marketing channels can result in many lost opportunities.

Mistake 2: Making decisions without considering the data

One of the best things about paid search is its ability to render changes and tweaks on the fly with the least effort. Some other marketing channels allow much flexibility. However, this flexibility often also comes as a curse. It is challenging to show patience and wait for more insights and data to gather before choosing to change campaign elements and settings. It is pragmatic that instead of going by calendar, time your decision-making using activity volume.

Mistake 3: Not bidding on brand

In PPC, “bidding on brand” implies bidding on your brand name as keywords. So, for instance, when a prospective customer looks for your name, your ad appears in the search results. As a B2B paid search novice, you may think that bidding on a brand is not essential. Most of all, your team has optimized your site, and it will get a prominent place in organic search results. The main reasons to bid on a brand are:

  • Paid advertising allows greater control over click-through pages and messaging.
  • By shunning bidding, you unleash ad space to your competitors.
  • Organic results along with paid search results lead to greater brand presence.
  • Branded keywords usually cost less.

Mistake 4: Resisting particular ad tactics or networks

Marketing teams of B2B organizations often hold biases against particular paid search ad networks, tactics, or strategies. For instance, it is not unusual for B2B organizations to deny advertising on the GDN (Google Display Network). Or they would say they do not need to implement Adword remarketing campaigns. The origins of such biases are unexplainable. Maybe they arise when they hear negative things about them from the associates. You must know that paid search is a consistently developing channel.

Furthermore, in every B2B industry, business and market are different. We have varying competitors, budgets, brand awareness, products, and regulatory ambiances. If you have a limited budget, you can begin with a single ad network, produce remarkable results, and later expand it.

Mistake 5: Doing everything on your own

Possibly, the biggest blunder B2B novices make is that they try to go all alone and do everything themselves. As a marketer, you want to impress your marketing director, prove your skills, and grow your expertise, thus trying to handle everything on your own. You can watch paid search videos and put together a campaign. However, something will happen, your leads do not seem to convert, and matters get more complicated. The biggest issue with such an approach is that it doesn’t offer a real test of what PPC can do for the B2B. It may simply nurture the thinking that PPC doesn’t fit our strategy, which ultimately becomes challenging to get rid of. And consequently, without faffing a minute, you will slide PPC off the table completely, often for years. Meanwhile, your competitors will capitalize on this gap and get ahead of you.

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The advantages of PPC advertising for B2B are crucial as it can support the company by helping generate more leads, gain worthy insights from customers, and enhance brand awareness. By preventing the mistakes mentioned above from happening and integrating some of the best practices, you are bound to see PPC success.

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