Global SaaS and Tech companies and the Metaverse

The metaverse going forward is about to experience a period of rapid growth. Smaller crypto initiatives, producers, and games provide content and meta platforms alongside massive digital giants like Google and Facebook. As the concept of the metaversehas gained traction, Global SaaS and tech giants with platforms that complement the metaverse have initiated new projects.


Neal Stephenson, a science fiction writer, was the one behind the metaverse concept. Metaverse for the actual world, is an embodiment of the internet, and a means of escape from reality.

After Facebook revealed enormous efforts in constructing the metaverse in 2021, the notion gained traction in the whole industry.

Soon after, Facebook was rebranded as Meta, and tech powerhouses like Apple, Epic Games, Microsoft, Niantic, and others opted to invest millions of dollars in metaverse technology.

Unlike other virtual reality programs, the metaverse is not a single software platform that can be developed following the traditional software development model. Metaverse is a multi-layered digital environment with seven separate layers and is more complicated to build.

Importance of Metaverse for Marketers

The static display and video commercials that permeate the web and social media have gotten old for media consumers of today’s age. Rich, engaging, and immersive experiences are what consumers want at this time. They do not want to merely be sold to; they want to be a part of establishing your company, have a say in what it means to them, and have authority. Such encounters are the foundation of the metaverse. You do not necessarily watch or see the metaverse as much as you participate. Your very existence contributes to change in both huge and minor ways. The metaverse replaces the web’s two-dimensional, flat environment with a three-dimensional experience that is far more lifelike, providing a completely new experience for content consumers.

For almost as long as the word has existed, marketers have been attempting to include consumers in the collaborative creation of user-generated content. Consumers producing, publishing, and sharing content showcasing their brand is every marketer’s dream. Still, the difficulty has always been how to drive co-creation in a way that feels genuine and important. We all build our digital worlds in the metaverse and are the center of our digital universes. Marketers can integrate their brands into that experience to make each user the main attraction, thanks to the metaverse.

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Top Companies Engaged in Building New MetaverseConcepts

  • Microsoft – One of the largest tech giants, Microsoft is attempting to create a work-focused metaverse that would integrate its massively popular services in a digital environment known as Mesh. Users of the Microsoft metaverse can access Microsoft Teams, Windows, and other applications in VR using Mesh technology. Microsoft is investing a lot into its building of Metaverse technology.
  • Apple – Apple is in the race to develop the metaverse as well. Apple might be an unexpected real contender in the race to the metaverse. It is actively developing sophisticated virtual reality equipment that has the potential to transform the metaverse experience. There has been a lot of discussion about Apple’s position on metaverse and how the whole adoption of the metaverse is dependent on Apple. Apple has played a major role in the smartphone and tablet industry.
  • Binance – Due to the obvious prominence of crypto and blockchain in today’s landscape, Binance plays a crucial role in the metaverse. Thanks to the metaverse, new financial systems and procedures are being established, and Binance is assisting with the infrastructure. The Binance NFT Marketplace, for example, allows market participants to trade virtual asset NFTs from a variety of blockchains. This aids in the improvement of interoperability between various metaverse ecosystems.
  • Epic Games – Epic Games offers one of the most advanced metaverse systems available today. With over 300 million players, the company’s game Fortnite has grown into a massive social network and virtual world. For awards shows and concerts, virtual events feature a variety of celebrities, businesses, and collaborations. Epic Games has done a fantastic job when it comes to building the metaverse.

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For Metaverse, Epic has two objectives. Its first goal is to grow Fortnite into a platform capable of attracting and supporting more than the 50 million players it has now. Epic also aims to expand the metaverse ecosystem and make 3D and VR content more accessible, both of which are necessary for an open and linked Metaverse. This will enable anybody to generate excellent 3D material, improving the metaverse’s overall quality.

Computing and the internet have a bright future thanks to metaverses. They also provide lots of room for marketers and advertisers to develop new ideas. For marketers, the metaverse can give an immersive experience and be a source of new accomplishments.

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