Marketing Technologies that Help Drive a Better Customer Experience

“Focusing on the customer makes a company more resilient.” – Jeff Bezos

Customer experience is a topic on every brand marketer’s mind. 2020 was a year of technology-inspired experiences, and we observed a dramatic adoption in this context. Right from simple video conferencing to chatbots, the pandemic forced marketers to try their hands on new technologies that they would have never considered otherwise.

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For a lot of brands, it becomes challenging to choose the right marketing technology to help drive better customer experience. Here are some of the most impactful marketing technologies that will help you drive your customer experience to the next level:

1. Customer Data Management

Data is the fuel for all organizations today. If used properly, it is going to unlock greater business values. Modern marketers have technologies to organize and dissipate data, and these processes need to be refined. Customer data has to be treasured, after all, this data helps you drive customer experience in the long run.

Various customer data platforms provide control of large chunks of data, information about how their target consumers make purchase decisions, and get insights into which CX aspects should be prioritized.

2. Cloud-based Solutions

Cloud-based solutions are not new, but the pandemic further impacted the use of such cloud-based technologies. Whatever customer experience technologies are chosen, they have to be cloud-based today. Most modern businesses have global working teams and a cloud-based platform allows them to access company files from anywhere.

This means a customer is going to have a seamless experience with the brand no matter what is the place and point of contact. These modern technologies make it easier to attend to the global demands of distributed customers.

3. Omni-channel Technology

Broken customer experiences can be annoying. The problem can be very-well addressed by omnichannel technologies. The technology is responsible for orchestrating buying decisions across all customer touchpoints, the customer conversations are maintained across all communication channels. These technologies are power-packed with machine learning capabilities empowering complex decision-making at scale.

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These technologies help to develop rich connections between systems and data. Brands can reach their customers with more meaningful data at the right time.

4. Artificial Intelligence

From the smart mirrors at H&M flagship store to the ‘try me’ feature you find on most of the retail websites, artificial intelligence is boosting customer experience everywhere.

Modern businesses are using AI to improve their customer service, they have shortened queuing lines as AI is helping them screen customers that need human intervention from those who do not.

Interactive Chat-bots eliminate the need to attend repetitive inquiries by following pre-programmed instructions. AI has automated the delivery of customer service. Do it properly and boost CX.

5. Predictive Analytics

Uncover valuable insights about customers with the help of predictive analysis. The more accurate data you have about your customer, the better services you will be able to offer them. The actionable insights you receive can be applied right at the customer base to not only improve customer experience, but also to win new customers.

Some of the notable benefits of this technology is recovering at-risk customers, driving customer retention and winning new opportunities and markets.

6. Authentication and Identification Management

You would wonder why this tool is added to the list. This is the most under-discussed tool among marketers, but what marketers do not understand that without the presence of these tools, it would be almost impossible to recognise the real picture of the customer. With precise log-in along with seamless navigation on the website, customers are going to enjoy their time with the brand.

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7. Customer Experience Management

Last but not least, you need to measure customer experience to boost it. Measuring CX calls for technologies that can measure the voice and demands of customers through surveys along with measuring their experience and behavior. The system should be able to link the two.

A repetitive cycle of such insights is required to deliver seamless customer experience.

These brilliant technologies drive customer experience because they help customers make a better purchase decision.


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