Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: 10th-May-2021 Featuring Similarweb, Okta, RollWorks, Liveperson and more!

New martech acquisitions and marketing techniques are not only changing the marketing and martech game today, it’s redefining the future of customer facing tactics in an online world. 

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I’m seeing savvy marketers try to get ahead of embarrassing incidents. At this point, everyone is familiar with the scenario where a news/opinion personality on some show says something completely outrageous and hurtful, and the brands advertising on that show get dragged all over social media and become the subject of boycotts. Smart marketers don’t need that to happen more than once (or have it happen at all) to take proactive steps to avoid it. –Vanessa Otero, Founder and CEO at Ad Fontes Media

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MarTech Interview with Katrina Klier, Chief Marketing Officer at PROS
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Constant curiosity is essential for long-term success. Marketing leaders and mid-level executives need to be endlessly curious about different ways of doing marketing, business models, different technologies and how they can help organizations conduct better business. Being curious and eager to learn other people’s perspectives and diverse points of view is also where you find the most ingenious answers and ideas.  –Katrina Klier, Chief Marketing Officer at PROS 

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