Will AI Change the Game for Adtech?

A Few Of The Biggest Adtech Platforms Driven By Sophisticated AI

Advertising technology can best be described as an umbrella of software tools and services that fuel the process of advertising for a company. The advertising technology platforms integrate branding, targeting, delivering, and analyzing the advertising efforts all on a single platform. Advertising technology facilitates Omnichannel marketing. It provides a seamless and integrated shopping experience to the user from start to end. Every channel of the product/service channel functions together and creates a single voice for the company.

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Important aspects of AdTech

The expansion of technology has entered every sphere of the business world, and the advertising sector is no exception. The technology aided with artificial intelligence has revolutionized this industry; it has moved the advertising efforts from “brought to you by” on TV to actual relatable content to every cast and creed, making its way to several different platforms. This enables the technology to read and understand the text while sensing the external environment.

Turning towards advertising technology has brought in several benefits. The data collected by the advertising technology allows the company to target a relevant audience at the right time. It also makes sure that the company gets the most out of every advertising campaign. Another major attraction is the improvement of interaction and positive customer engagement. As a brand wanting to advertise, these AdTech platforms help them connect to all channels leaving behind no unturned stone. It also facilitates cross-platform uniformity, which ensures that the brand’s proper image is reaching the customers consistently and logically and empowers the brand to enjoy growing popularity.

Prominent AdTech Tools

An example of how the AI-powered advertising technology helps can be seen below: –

RedBalloon, a company of Naomi Simson, sells gifts and experiences online. The company was spending $45,000 per month on advertising agencies alone to amplify digital ads, which accounted for the company spending $50 to attract a new customer. This unsustainable cost drove her to turn towards an AI tool for advertising called Albert. Albert uses sophisticated tools to analyze the ad campaigns and target audiences. This tool could perform tasks way faster than humans. It also helped RedBalloon analyze their losses, which fetched them a whopping 1100% return on ad spend. Marketing costs were also trimmed by 25%. This way, an AI-powered advertising tool helped a company increase the ROI while adopting cost-cutting measures.

AI-powered systems help the company by creating either a complete or a partial advertisement. It also has an intelligence feature that suggests the best suitable advertisement type based on your product. Apart from these, some third part tools can be incorporated into the company’s existing technology. These tools use smart algorithms to write an advertisement draft. They leverage NLP- Natural language processing and NLG- natural language generation. Both functions are completely AI-powered.

Some examples of such tools are: –


This tool uses AI to facilitate Ad creation. It can automatically write subject lines for promotion emails; these lines are always target-oriented and are more efficient than those written by humans. This AI is set according to the brands marketing language to maintain uniformity. Based on this, it can produce a huge number of variations which increase engagements.

Pattern 8

This tool uses proprietary algorithms with access to a huge amount of data across Facebook and Instagram. It analyzes this data, including user ads, and predicts the winning creative by mentioning the color, image target, and more.

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Some of the top global AI-powered Advertising Technology platforms are mentioned below:

1. MediaMath:

It is a future-proofed demand-side platform that facilitates omnichannel campaigns. The channels included are OTT, mobile, native, DOOH, and transmits audio with flexibility and ease. They create ecosystems that can reduce costs and build customer engagement. .

2. Smarty Ads:

This platform is a package of complete AI technology solutions for advertisements. This provider has a reach across multiple channels, devices, and ad formats. It incorporates AI, blockchain technology, and big data analytics. It is on its way to reshaping programmatic advertising.

3. Amobee:

This platform helps the client go past the traditional demand-side-platforms; it has an expanded reach across all media. It can deliver meaningful messages by optimizing the brand’s reach and frequency. With Amobee, it is easy to integrate TV, CTV, digital and social media into a unified platform.

4. Xandr:

Xandr provides a proprietary technology solution that has been transforming traditional advertising efforts. This makes it easier for the advertisers to connect with their target audiences and publishers, which drives monetization.

5. Adbot:

They hold expertise in Email campaigns, SEO services, social media marketing, and online advertising. They streamline the process of the advertising process and bring in Excellency and efficiency.

With marketing professionals looking for ways to improve the returns on every penny spent, it is beyond any doubt that AdTech holds the key to future. By leveraging the most suitable tools, companies can ensure the effective execution of their marketing plans.