Anyword Copywriting Software Adds ‘Customer Personas’ Feature to Let Brands Tailor Copy to Specific Target Audiences

SW Team Leader at Anyword

The AI copywriting software leader has introduced an innovative way to engage target audiences through automatically generated content.

Data-driven AI copywriting platform Anyword has announced the implementation of its Customer Personas feature, a new setting that allows users to automatically generate copy designed to resonate with specific customer bases.

Anyword, founded in 2013, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a marketing copy generator tool. The platform leverages multiple databases and analytics from $250 million dollars in actual advertising spots to generate text guaranteed to resonate with both specific use cases and audiences.

With the Customer Personas feature, marketers can create the profile of any kind of target customer and their challenges or “pain points”- for example, a dog owner with a finicky poodle, a new mother with a sleepless baby, or a college student on a tight budget.

Then, with a few clicks, Anyword’s data-driven AI script generator creates marketing copy in the desired tone and style that engages that customer with a specific product.

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“Even the most experienced marketers can struggle to find the right words to send out to their specific customer base,” said Yaniv Makover, co-founder and CEO of Anyword. “Our Customer Personas feature, combined with our Predictive Performance Scores, takes the guesswork out of copywriting and reduces the workload for the marketing pro.”

Anyword’s Predictive Performance Scores allow users to test variations of website copy before publishing and view key performance metrics and insights. Those analytics provide users with the ability to optimize copy before it reaches a public audience and provides them confidence in their results.

“While marketers and publishers optimize their copywriting for every campaign, the goal is always to convert a passive viewer into an active buyer,” Makover said. “A generator tool that applies machine learning and natural language processing to vast media and marketing databases can truly connect with an audience and deliver better results.”

In just a few clicks, the data-driven Anyword platform can bring powerful, engaging, and tailored copy to life. To learn more about Anyword, please visit

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