GrapeTree Medical Staffing Launches Conversational AI Solution Built on Teneo

The specialist healthcare recruitment organization, GrapeTree Medical Staffing, has launched a Conversational AI (CAI) solution which has been built using Artificial Solutions’ SaaS platform, Teneo.

The solution will help to support the online job applications and interview processes that candidates experience while interacting with the GrapeTree portal.


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The virtual assistant’s goal is to reduce the volume of candidate drop out as they move through the online interview process, many of whom do so due to a lack of guidance and information. The assistant is also on hand to provide information to candidates before key interview steps, helping to prepare individuals and increase the rate of successful hires.

Furthermore, key data is collected throughout the online process, allowing for informed and data-driven decisions to be made by the organization, such as streamlining and content support provision at different stages of an application being received, and an interview being processed.

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Joaquim Bargalló Angerri, Director of Customer Success for Artificial Solutions, said:

“It’s great to see that GrapeTree has gone live with its Conversational AI solution. In the first half of January alone, the virtual assistant handled 17k API calls alone, demonstrating the instant impact that the technology can make. As is the case with most CAI deployments, and especially those built on Teneo, once the results are measured and the instant improvements can be seen, a scaling process begins.”

Teneo is built to allow for rapid growth and we’re excited to see how our technology will be used in the very capable hands of the GrapeTree team.” Teneo is a SaaS platform built for enterprise, allowing organizations to design, develop and deploy highly complex CAI solutions in 86 languages. The technology has been developed over a 20-year period and includes a range of industry-leading features and core capabilities.

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