Adobe Target and Adobe Sensei Add New Dimensions to Personalization in Omnichannel Marketing

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Adobe has announced that it has added enhanced capabilities to the Target platform for marketers to deliver hyper-personalization. Previously, Target’s customers have seen success with the platform in delivering great experiences to their target audience.

  • 2019 saw Target being responsible to generate $165 billion in revenue—a 29% increase from 2017.
  • Brands achieve a lift of 73.4 billion unique visitors— as a result of personalization.

Adobe’s Sensei, a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology powers Target’s engine. The combination is helping Information Technology and Marketing teams to better collaborate and innovate efficient marketing strategies.

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What’s New About Adobe’s Target?

Personalization – Backed by AI

For marketers, recommendations are the go-to strategy for campaign success. However, this is not so easy. Distributing recommendations at scale to myriad personas remains one of the biggest challenges for brands. Adobe intends to resolve this problem by infusing a new algorithm, which the company is calling ‘Weighted Relevance.’ The technology will supersede traditional use cases and will be far more streamlined to achieve the desired personalization.

More Transparency in Reporting

Automated Personalization and Auto-Target reporting will get a boost in the newly upgraded, Adobe Target. The report will actually show the new algorithm’s deliverables in a ‘before-after’ mechanism. This will provide clarity in marketing insights, helping marketers improve the strength in their campaigns, backed by Machine Learning.

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Mobile App Personalization

Target’s personalization extends to both, mobile and web applications. Specifically, on the mobile end, Adobe has confirmed that brands are seeing more engagement, retention and conversion through app-based marketing personalization.

Maturity Model 2.0

The Adobe Target Personalization Maturity Model will see a version upgrade. Adobe wants marketers, customers of their Target software, as well as non-customers, to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns. The updated model will help marketers see a clearer picture of the campaign’s worthiness and help in setting benchmarks.

Faster Digital Experience

Adobe also said that most consumers find slow-loading webpages extremely frustrating. Slow webpages kill business opportunities. More than half of the customers confirmed that they stop absorbing content entirely if a brand’s digital repository is slow to load. Adobe, in an attempt to resolve this problem, has introduced a new solution for pages built inside its Target software. Single Page Application Frameworks (SPAs) launched by Adobe ensure more speed, agility, and fluidity in digital content experiences.

Adobe has been extremely strategic about this launch considering that they have announced the release just before the company’s 2019 summit.

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  1. […] Marketing Technology News: Adobe Target and Adobe Sensei Add New Dimensions to Personalization in Omnichannel Marketing […]

  2. […] Marketing Technology News: Adobe Target and Adobe Sensei Add New Dimensions to Personalization in Omnichannel Marketing […]

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