Marketing 360 Drives Results for Pool Service Company with Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is a must for any small business in this day and age. We live in a digital world, and customers have come to expect that all businesses have an online presence. Digital marketing is not one size fits all, and the right multi-channel marketing strategy is what will ultimately drive results. Multi-channel marketing is a strategy to reach leads and potential customers by using all relevant channels to connect with them.

In this case study, Marketing 360 discusses how one pool service company, with the help of their team at Marketing 360, drove fantastic results with their multi-channel marketing strategy.

Over the last six months, this local Texas company has seen over 100K impressions, 5K clicks, and hundreds of conversions. Compared to the previous six-month period, these results yielded a 33% increase in impressions, a 440% increase in clicks and engagements, a 497% increase in conversions, a 678% increase in new website traffic, and a 662% increase in overall website traffic. Most of this success came from organic search and paid advertising, but all of their marketing channels played a role in these staggering results.

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So, how did they do it? First, they started by ensuring that their website was fully optimized with relevant keywords and created lots of high-quality content. This helped them to increase their keyword rankings which, in turn, increased their organic traffic. Next, they focused on getting active on social media. They created eye-catching profiles and regularly posted engaging content. In addition to social media, they also ensured that their listings on local listing directories, like Houzz, Yelp, and Google, were optimized and regularly getting new reviews. Finally, they complemented these organic strategies with paid advertising across many channels, like Google, and Facebook.

By not putting their entire marketing budget into one basket, this local business was able to utilize their budget more effectively, focusing on multiple channels and, ultimately, driving serious results.

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