AiTrillion Opens Office in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India

AiTrillion Logo - 11+ features SaaS & AI enabled ecommerce sales and marketing platformAiTrillion is the leading eCommerce marketing automation platforms for Shopify & others. After USA & Indore (India), it opens new office in Bangalore, India.

The AiTrillion Story: is one of the fastest Growing (100% Bootstrapped & Profitable) eCommerce marketing automation platforms for Shopify & launching various eCommerce products in-line for all other e-commerce platforms this year.

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At AiTrillion, employees come to work every day because they want to solve the biggest problem of sellers in the e-commerce industry. Everyone is guessing. Sellers don’t know where their target customers are, how to reach them, or even how much they need to spend in order to do so.
They aren’t sure which products are growing the quickest, and where customers are really spending their time (and money). AiTrillion provides solutions to shoppers here. With decade of experience in the E-commerce industry, AiTrillion understands how much effort it takes for an online seller to grow the customer-base from scratch. It provides an ecosystem powered by AI and SaaS where every seller across the world can explore and grow.

More Information about AiTrillion Office, Sales and Marketing Leaders:

AiTrillion has office in Philadelphia, USA, and in Indore and Bangalore in India. Bangalore office is the newest addition and the headquarter. Being present in India’s Silicon Valley, the office is situated in Bellandur. It is strategically placed with great connectivity from all locations, also just next to Central Mall – so fun and work can go along at the same time.

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AiTrillion is following a dynamic and hybrid work approach during this pandemic. While Indore is fully functional since June 2021, in Bangalore we’re following a hybrid approach to take precautions over the sudden rises of Corona Omicron cases.

Employees and Management team collaborates with teams spread all over the India through modern collaboration tools, such as Gmail, Zoom sessions, Google Meet, Slack, Basecamp, Google Chat, Google Drive and many other technologies related to individual domain – Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Support, etc.

Many of AiTrillion employees are still working from home in other cities of India to ensure the employee wellbeing. Even though the company is spread out across India and USA, they are ONE team. They are always happy to discuss your business goals and pitch in ideas.

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