Magnite and Horizon Media Sign Multi-Year SPO Deal to Bring Advertisers Closer to Premium Publisher Inventory

Horizon Media to Consolidate Omnichannel Buys Through Magnite, With Focus on CTV

Magnite, the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising platform, announced a multi-year deal with Horizon Media, the largest U.S. media agency according to AdAge Data Center 2022. The deal is an expansion of Magnite and Horizon Media’s existing relationship, focusing on supply path optimization (SPO) and encompasses Horizon Media’s buys across all formats including CTV, online video, display, mobile and audio.

“This deal with Magnite is an important pillar of our overall supply path optimization strategy as it will bring significant efficiency gains for advertisers and the marketplace as a whole,” said Alex Stone, SVP Advanced Video & Agency Partnerships at Horizon Media. “Magnite’s strengths across inventory types and their industry-leading audience-based buying features are just two of the many reasons we’ve chosen them as one of our select SSPs. Building deeper connections with the supply side will help deliver better results to the clients we serve.”

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As part of Horizon Media’s broader SPO efforts to consolidate buys through the most trusted, transparent, and effective technology providers, Magnite will be a preferred SSP of Horizon Media for private marketplace and programmatic guaranteed CTV deals. Additionally, the deal includes a custom direct integration to leverage data segments from blu., Horizon Media’s Horizon Media’s Connected Marketing Platform for omnichannel buys.

“We see Magnite as a critical piece of our future-proofed identity strategy,” said Laura McElhinney, Chief Data Officer at Horizon Media. “The forecasting and targeting capabilities Magnite brings across all formats, but especially CTV, will drive meaningful scale for blu., and results for Horizon clients.”

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“The changes to how media is bought and sold, particularly with regard to data activation and audience addressability, mean that buyers and sellers need to work more closely together than ever,” said Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer at Magnite. “Building on a strong track record of success with Horizon Media, we’re excited to lay the groundwork for what’s to come.”

“CTV is already a key part of Hershey’s marketing strategy,” said Vinny Rinaldi, Head of Media & Analytics at The Hershey Company, a Horizon Media client. “Together, Horizon, Magnite and Hershey will push the bounds of the TV landscape, identity and addressability and how the supply side and buyers can come together to deliver improved outcomes for marketers.”

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