Phyllo Raises $15M Series A To Democratize Data Access in the Creator Economy and Web3

Phyllo, the universal API for creator economy data, enables developers to get easy and trusted access to creator data from hundreds of creator platforms.

Phyllo, announced it has raised $15 million in a Series A round led by RTP Global with participation from Nexus Venture Partners, Better Capital, and iSeed. Phyllo is also backed by notable angel investors including Sima Gandhi ex-head of biz dev and strategy at Plaid, Pat Shah of Audible, Ankur Nagpal of Teachable, Nakul Gupta of Coinbase, among others. The company builds APIs for secure and easy access to creator data drawn directly from platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Discord, Spotify, TikTok, and others.

Phyllo launched earlier this year and is seeing great product-market fit while working with some of the leading companies in the creator economy space like Beacons, Creative Juice,, Karat, MagicLinks, Bintango, and others. With this funding, Phyllo will accelerate product development, expand their customer base and grow their developer-first API platform aimed at powering the growth of companies seeking to capitalize on the $100B creator economy.

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With the rise of web3, we are seeing new opportunities and markets getting created, be it the internet-first economy, the digital native economy or the creator economy. Each of these ecosystems come with their share of challenges:

– Developers building for the creator digital-native economy need access to trusted and verified data from the hundreds of different platforms that can then be used to power core business use cases
– The biggest challenge with accessing such data is that very few creator or web3 or digital-native platforms platforms provide open APIs to integrate with
– Even if they do provide open APIs, an immense amount of developer time and effort goes in reading documentation, creating sandboxes, maintaining the integration, among other issues

Phyllo takes away all of this pain by providing a single API pipe to integrate with hundreds of such platforms.

“Creators around the world are gaining immense traction but their audience and engagement is boxed into specific platforms. To add to that, they face numerous issues proving their clout. Developers in the creator economy are building tools and products to help creators but are themselves struggling to find a verified source of creator data that is easy to manage and maintain. Our goal with Phyllo is to enable these developers and companies to focus on their core business, achieve data coverage over hundreds of creator platforms and go to market in the fastest way possible,” Akhil Bhiwal, Co-Founder and CEO of Phyllo said.

Nishit Garg, Partner at RTP Global said, “We’ve been closely following Phyllo for a few months now. It’s amazing to see the great traction they are getting. It also validates that there is a strong need for a Plaid-like solution in this market. The creator economy and web3 is only just starting to grow and companies like Phyllo will play a significant role in the growth of this market and RTP Global is proud to be a catalyst in this journey.”

“We are witnessing the meteoric rise of the creator economy, but the creators and the companies catering to them are plagued by a lack of easy, secure, and verified access to organized creator data, that remain siloed in numerous platforms. Phyllo is all set to address that key pain point. Think about what Stripe and Plaid did for payments and banking respectively – we believe that Phyllo will do the same for the creator and digital native economy,” said Jishnu Bhattacharjee, Managing Director at Nexus Venture Partners.

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Companies building tools, products, and services for the creator economy and web3 can leverage Phyllo’s APIs to verify any creator’s identity, income, and engagement data. This opens up an opportunity to power numerous use cases like:

– Creator and niche influencer discovery and management
– Engagement and smart campaign ROI management for influencer marketing
– Enable creators to build their professional profiles using on-chain and off-chain data to create a proof of work system
– Scalable financial products for creators like loans, credit cards, etc.
– Social identity verification for web3 and digital native companies acting as a bridge between web2 and web3
– Enable developers to build tools for creators that allow them to create their own professional websites, media kits and portfolios, and so much more.

“Phyllo helped us build faster and easier by abstracting away the various social media platform developer APIs. Phyllo powers our social analytics features allowing us to focus on product instead of infrastructure. They are constantly adding new functionality which enables us to drive more value to our end users,” said Neal Jean, CEO of Beacons, a leading link-in bio platform backed by Andreessen Horowitz, and proud Phyllo customer.

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