Secures $1.6 Million for Their AI-Powered Virtual Marketer’s Promising Technology Is Adding a Whole New Dimension to Optimizing Paid Advertising

Nowadays, marketers are finding it increasingly complex to drive their campaigns in ways that satisfy business goals. Time and again, the marketing community has explored several ways to find a brilliant solution and get this right, once and for all. But it’s not as simple as it seems. Globally, consumers are favoring smartphones over bulkier personal devices such as laptop or desktop. Applications, social media channels — even the way people consume information is changing and mushrooming. It goes even further as multiple channels such as the ones mentioned above have interlinking capabilities; hence, designing uniform content becomes a pain area.

Clearly, it’s a complex mesh that marketers have to resolve on a daily basis. Looking at this worldwide industry problem, London-based has launched a future-ready technology that looks at resolving this issue. What’s more, investors are so impressed by the idea that they have decided to provide an additional funding of $1.6 million to support their venture. This is’s second round of funding. Their initial funding was capped at $750,000 making the grand total to $2.3 million dollars.

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Their investors are:

  1. Partech Ventures
  2. Sophia Bendz – She used to lead marketing at Spotify.
  3. Nicolas Pinto – He was the founder of Perceptio, a company, which was acquired by Apple.

Marie Outtier, CEO of, said, “Today’s performance marketers are bogged down with data coming from multiple sources. This is a new generation of software, one that listens, learns and acts.” claims that the software is like having a very up-skilled marketing team-mate around. Basically, has developed an ‘AI-Powered-Marketing-Analyst’ that analyzes an extremely large chunk of data coming from paid advertisements. Processed via Machine Learning (ML), insights derived from the analyzed data helps the software assist marketers to tune end-to-end marketing initiatives that favor a huge ROI.

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The ‘AI-Powered-Marketing-Analyst’ can do this across multiple channels and types of advertisements. It provides marketers and advertisers simpler tools that help them figure easier ways to get the maximum return from their marketing investment.

Reza Malekzadeh, a partner at Partech, said, “We believe is building an innovative solution for marketers at precisely the time it is needed the most. Marie and PJ’s vision for the future of data and analytics harnesses the recent advances in the fields of ML and Natural Language Processing to create a tool that is set to change the way marketers do their job.”

PJ Camillieri (CTO) is also a founding member of He has worked extensively in Natural Language Programming for Apple.

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