Grovara’s Digital Pallet-Builder Evolves Global Commerce, Streamlines International B2B Transactions, Grows Trade

Grovara, the easy global wholesale experience, has introduced the first digital Pallet-Builder for food and beverage exporting, enabling international buyers on the company’s B2B online marketplace to save time and place orders more reliably from American Better-For-You brands.

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Only one in 10 American companies export, mostly because of how difficult it is to do business with overseas buyers. Traditionally, purchase orders are built by the case but are shipped by the pallet, leaving buyers with the tedious task of calculating product dimensions and shipping requirements to complete and maximize the ROI of each transaction. This can take days or even weeks of back-and-forth with sellers and logistics providers, resulting in shipping delays, lost revenue, and missed opportunities.

The Pallet-Builder enables instant calculation and an interactive visual display of the layers needed to appropriately fill a pallet to process a purchase on Grovara’s marketplace platform. The algorithm-driven tool reconciles product dimensional data and shipment temperature requirements with the height and weight for different pallet types, calculating the ideal amount of product that would comprise a full, valid pallet. This removes the need for order communication while creating more ordering confidence and brand loyalty.

“The Pallet-Builder is designed to streamline placing an order, and we’ve gone to great lengths to standardize a very complex process,” says Grovara’s EVP of Technology Chris Nelson. “Buyers are happy because ordering is so easy, brands are delighted because now they are growing global opportunities faster. The process unlocks the ability to provide better prices while increasing supplier margins.”

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Shipping international orders isn’t as easy as just stacking boxes. Pallets must be filled to certain height and weight requirements. Pallets that are too small will tip over or won’t stack well. Additionally, many countries have shipping regulations for the imported pallets themselves, like Brazil, which requires heat-treated wood pallets to avoid potentially importing invasive insects that may be riding along.

Grovara works with brands to compile dozens of data points around their product and case dimensions. The Pallet-Builder automatically calculates pallet layers in real-time for easy checkout. Buyers can also customize their pallets by adding cases or layers of multiple SKUs, contributing to the B2C feel of Grovara’s B2B online marketplace. The Grovara platform enables importing with just three clicks, providing the discoverability, documentation, and visibility necessary for successful, repeatable transactions and growth for both retailers and American brands.

“The Pallet-Builder is one of the many ways in which Grovara is transforming global commerce,” says Grovara VP of Supply Chain Juliana Rogenski. “We’ve taken a very fragmented and complex exporting process and made it frictionless, so buyers and sellers can now focus on making and managing their international business.”

The Pallet-Builder also enables buyers to save and reorder previously built pallets and create order subscriptions, as well as discounts for volume ordering. Later this year, Grovara’s platform updates will include adding ordering capabilities and even the ability for global retail buyer users to build a Made-In-America brand aisle via the system.

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