Tremor Video DSP Becomes First Video DSP to Mandate Brand Safety for Advertisers

Tremor Video DSP Partnered with Grapeshot to Add Contextual Intelligence Capabilities to Their Programmatic Video Platform

Tremor Video DSP and Grapeshot (now an Oracle company) have announced the integration of Grapeshot’s pre-bid custom brand safety capabilities. These capabilities will be immediately available for Tremor Video DSP’s advertisers across all supply. The move reinforces Tremor Video DSP’s commitment to protect the investment brands are making in video and to ensure the optimal environment for the delivery of ads. The partnership enables enhanced contextual targeting and custom brand safety, allowing advertisers to reach audiences that consume the most relevant content in-the-moment.

Tremor Video DSP is a leading programmatic video platform while Grapeshot is a leader in Contextual Intelligence.

At the time of this announcement, Lauren Wiener, CEO, Tremor Video DSP, said, “We are dedicated to ensuring brand-safe, fraud-free video advertising for our clients, so we are offering the solution for free to the brands and agencies we work with.”

Lauren added, “Grapeshot shares this commitment, and as our trusted partner, we look forward to extending the protection their cutting-edge solution offers to our customers.”

Tremor Video DSP_Grapeshot

In a recent report, GumGum claimed that finding the right solution keeps brands protected is more imperative than ever. GumGum’s report found out 75 percent of brands claim that they have experienced brand safety issues in the past year.

Grapeshot’s Contextual Intelligence offering scans and analyzes the relationship of words on a web page to understand the true context, and filters out unfavorable environments—both standard and customized for the sensitivities of the brand—before an advertiser can even bid on it.

With its proprietary Contextual Intelligence platform, Grapeshot transforms information into actionable data and identifies revenue-driving behaviors.

Michael Law, EVP, Managing Director of Media Investment for Dentsu Aegis Network-US, said, “Brand safety is a top priority for Dentsu Aegis Network and our clients, and it’s hugely important that our partners are aligned with our brand safety approach and best practices.”

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Michael added, “We’re excited to see technology partners incorporate additional advertiser protection levers within their platforms. Tremor Video DSP’s integration of Grapeshot’s contextual intelligence to offer brand protection is a step forward in helping advertisers reach audiences safely and effectively.”

Tremor Video DSP’s pre-bid integration with Grapeshot’s Contextual Intelligence platform enables advertisers to reach the audiences most receptive to their messaging through customization of contextual targeting, which ensures messages reach only relevant audiences, and custom brand safety, which prevents ads from being delivered in undesirable or irrelevant environments.

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“Grapeshot applauds Tremor Video DSP’s commitment to offering brand safety across all available supply,” said Ryan McBride, VP, Platform Partnerships for Grapeshot. Ryan added, “By mandating pre-bid brand safety verification, Tremor Video DSP will help their advertisers reach the most relevant audiences in brand safe environments.”

As a leading programmatic video platform, Tremor Video DSP offers matching advertisers with audiences, enabling them to deliver custom video experiences across all screens.

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