Video for All: Why Vidyard Chose INBOUND 2018 to Make Big Marketing Technology News


Say it all with a video. Yes, that’s what Vidyard has done to the video marketing ecosystem in 2018. With a flurry of exciting new releases and tech integrations, the landscape is brimming with optimism. At INBOUND 2018, Vidyard has announced that HubSpot Video, is now available free to all HubSpot Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub customers.

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We sat down with Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing at Vidyard, to understand what makes video the most exciting Marketing Technology today.

Predictions on the State of “Attention” in Brand-Customer Engagements

How does Vidyard amplify the attention?

Getting attention, and holding that attention, is the most difficult challenge that most marketing teams face today because audiences are inundated with countless marketing and sales messages every day (and are becoming more and more conditioned to ignore advertising and marketing!).

Video has emerged as a powerful way to stand out from the crowd and gain back that attention for both marketing and sales teams.

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Video offers a way to deliver a more engaging, personalized and high-value experience and ultimately increase click-through, engagement and conversion rates. Vidyard is helping businesses do just that by embracing video within email marketing, digital marketing, demand generation, social media, content marketing, sales development and other programs to stand out from the crowd and engage more buyers in more meaningful conversations.

Making Video Marketing Ubiquitous to Marketing, Sales and Customer Service

Choosing INBOUND 2018 to showcase your latest video marketing solution

INBOUND 2018 marked the launch of an exciting new product, HubSpot Video powered by Vidyard. This new solution enables any HubSpot Professional and HubSpot Enterprise customer to start using video natively within the HubSpot platform for marketing, sales, and customer service at no additional cost.

Paired with this new bundled offering, Vidyard also unveiled new premium video offers exclusively for HubSpot customers. INBOUND 2018 is the largest gathering of HubSpot customers, agencies and partners, and made for an ideal time and location to launch these new solutions and to showcase our new capabilities.

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Vidyard’s Product Roadmap For 2018-2020

Our roadmap is all about helping marketing, sales and customer service teams leverage the power of video in a way that is simple to deploy, accessible for all teams and individuals, easy to scale, and focused on helping them improve conversion rates at every stage of the customer lifecycle. This includes expanding our integrations with key marketing, sales, and customer service platforms, building on the success of our industry-leading personal video messaging solution Vidyard GoVideo, delivering new innovations around personalized and dynamic video content to help marketers increase engagement and conversions, and helping businesses make video an integrated part of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Conversational Marketing programs.

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Thank you, Tyler, for chatting with us from INBOUND 2018!