Claritas Transforms Multi-touch Measurement with the Release of its Attribution 3.0 Solution

New signaling methodology in Version 3.0 more precisely tracks consumer engagement to give marketers even greater insight into which channels contribute the most to sales

Claritas, a data-driven company that helps marketers achieve superior ROI, unveiled Version 3.0 of its Attribution solution, which supports algorithmic multi-touch attribution – an innovative method of tracking consumer engagement that delivers unprecedented precision when measuring multichannel marketing campaigns.

The new algorithmic multi-touch methodology significantly expands Claritas’s existing campaign measurement capabilities by increasing the number and quality of data signals captured during the consumer purchasing journey. Attribution 3.0 also leverages new enhancements found in Version 2.0 of the Claritas Identity Graph, also released this month.

Together, the enhancements in Claritas’s new Attribution 3.0 and Identity Graph 2.0 provide more precise metrics and actionable intelligence on the impact of different channels, reach and frequency in driving incremental conversions while accounting for new customer acquisition as well as the value of repeat customers.

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The proprietary methodology used in Attribution 3.0 supports many new capabilities:

  • Claritas more than doubled the amount of data it collects as it tracks consumer behaviors and identifiers on several key channels during the purchasing journey. This allows Claritas to establish stronger links between consumer engagement and actual buying behavior across a variety of online and offline channels, including mobile app usage, Internet activity, social media, connected TV, OTT, podcast, email, direct mail and more.
  • Claritas enhanced its attribution “waterfall” methodology to establish stronger connections between consumer engagement and conversions. This allows Claritas Attribution 3.0 to more accurately tie activities such as Internet search, display ads and social media activity to shopping cart and/or brick-and-mortar buys.
  • Claritas can also now assign a weighted score to each touchpoint in a multichannel campaign to precisely measure the impact of a particular channel or message along the consumer’s purchase journey. This enables marketers to improve the tracking of sales performance based on ad placement and frequency. It also ensures that the final touchpoint is not too heavily weighted, thus avoiding any last-touch attribution bias.
  • Claritas can now easily assign a quality score to its data, which allows Attribution 3.0 to automatically weed out lower quality data instead of relying on a manual process to eliminate less reliable data points.
  • Claritas Attribution 3.0 now adjusts for a consumer’s brand preferences when measuring a campaign’s performance. This ensures that ad performance is not overstated due to brand influences.
  • Claritas can also now integrate pixel and non-pixel sourced data into Attribution 3.0 more quickly and automatically account for the bias introduced from mixing disparate data sources. This enables faster campaign measurement results for clients as well as the flexibility to use any method of data input, giving them more opportunities to optimize their campaigns as they run.

“In the last few years, many leading marketing players have chosen Claritas’s Attribution solutions to accurately measure their multichannel campaigns – and Claritas has relied on their feedback to create Attribution 3.0, the most advanced multichannel campaign optimization tool on the market today,” says Chase Miller, EVP of Strategy/Corporate Development and General Manager of Digital at Claritas. “Thanks to the detailed, proprietary multichannel measurement capabilities offered by Claritas, our marketing optimization business has exploded in the last few years, experiencing 100%+ year-over-year growth. We look forward to growing our optimization business even more with Attribution 3.0.”

Claritas’s closed-loop product portfolio allows marketers to optimize their campaigns across the entire marketing lifecycle – including identifying their best customers, delivering targeted messages via multichannel campaigns, and then optimizing those campaigns to boost their return on investment.

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