Mediaocean Announces Issuance of New U.S. Patents for CTV Fraud Verification Technology Innovation

Key verification patent and multiple derivative patents bolster company’s progress in shifting advertising industry from audit-based to preemptive solutions

Mediaocean, the mission-critical platform for omnichannel advertising, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company a new patent. Several other derivatives are expected to follow. This patent milestone not only further strengthens the company’s current intellectual property position and coverage for advanced verification products and solutions already in-market – but signals a paradigm shift that benefits the greater ad tech industry and all omnichannel marketers.

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“Our innovations in the verification technology space allow the advertising industry to embrace a world where we shift from an auditing approach to a preemptive one,” said John Nardone, President at Mediaocean. “Going forward, we won’t just chase and penalize bad actors, or identify fraud or inventory which is non-safe or non-suitable after the fact, but we will weed it out before ads are served and put a premium on transparency at the root.”

The patented technology is being integrated into the Mediaocean platform following the Flashtalking acquisition. It was invented by Asaf Greiner, General Manager, Verification at Mediaocean, and Zac Sadan, GM, Verification Technology at Mediaocean, for Protected Media, which was acquired by Flashtalking in February 2021. Unlike ad verification solutions built solely for advertisers, this new technology alternative was built to have publishers integrate the tech and collect all of the data on their end. This allows the verification process to run long before an ad is served and does away with the negative aspects associated with auditing after the fact. By empowering publishers to exchange information for a new economical model, Mediaocean is enabling an evolved state to drive greater equilibrium between advertisers and publishers.

“Our patented solution is a publisher or broadcaster-side technology that verifies all transactions at the source, where they are originally created, and adds a digital signature to make the data tamper-proof and indisputable,” said Greiner. “The Mediaocean approach flips the paradigm of verification on its head to improve the advertising supply chain, ensure transparency, and ultimately provide the entire industry with trusted traffic.”

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