How Customer Support Tools Help in Improving Your CRO

It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic – Jeff Eisenberg

Internet Marketing has become one of the bigproprofs logogest strategies used by businesses to improve their visibility in the cyberspace. And when we talk of online marketing, the concept of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can’t be far behind.

When done rightly, CRO can quickly help a business convert prospects or visitors to its website into customers or buyers. There are enough figures to emphasize the relevance of CRO. Pages that rank on Google’s first Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) have a 34.36 percent click-through rate.

The Challenge

As exciting as it sounds, many businesses find it hard to have an increased CRO. Nevertheless, it has been discovered that customer service tools are one of the viable options in improving conversion rates.

If you have been facing difficulties with your CRO strategies or getting perplexed by the declining Rate of Return (ROI), you need to maximize the potential of top customer service tools.

Read on to learn about the best customer support tools that would ramp-up your brand’s web marketing results even further.

1. Customer Support Software

If you’re looking for the best way to increase your company’s Conversion Rate Optimization process, having effective customer support software is the way out. Help desk ticketing software not only offers a feature-rich and intuitive customer support but also has a dedicated call center to field phone calls from your customers. It accepts and manages tickets from multiple channels, including orders from social network and electronic mail (email).

If you are a business wherein customers post their questions on different channels, employing a help desk ticketing software that acts similar to an omnichannel help desk is the safest bet. This way you not only delight customers with faster problem resolution but also boost the lead generation process.

2. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Improving conversion rates may just be easier when you have testimonials or some evidence to prove the effectiveness of your brand’s service. To do this, customer satisfaction surveys are the best bet.

The idea behind this Conversion Rate Optimization approach is to elicit your customers’ response or experience with the purchased product or rendered service. In this instance, the customers would provide you with valuable information that would help you in improving your marketing strategies.

3. Live Chat

We are in an era of empowered customers. Businesses who see the potential in this approach are already looking for customer service tools and techniques that would encourage customers to interact with their brand.

Live chat is one of the top customer service tools that are feasible for customers looking for online support. Most of the live chat options, such as that of ProProfs, help to address clients’ concerns and provide information to help them make an informed purchase decision.

4. Social Media

The world is under the influence of technology and social media is one of the major innovations that are helpful in improving conversion rates. It is worth mentioning that many buyers or clients of a company are active on social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Therefore, it is important that your brand has a social media presence. It doesn’t stop at having a social page because that equates to having a static or empty store. In light of that, your brand should be active on social media and should take advantage of the platform to connect and attend to customers’ inquiries and problems.

5. Discussion Forums

The rise of social network interactions took another dimension with the launch of discussion forums. The platform is geared towards helping the users to air their opinions without fear or favor. Notable platforms like Quora are one of the mediums of fostering such interactions.

These forums also provide you with the needed opportunity to facilitate your website’s conversion rate. Sign up for an account on such platforms and answer customers’ questions. While the forums help you in gathering and responding to customer feedback, they also allow you to see how customers react to the provided solutions.

6. Use a Variety of Communication Channels

Although social networks and discussion forums are efficient customer service tools, you may want to consider other communication approaches to add to the list.

Electronic mail (email) marketing remains one of the viable mediums to get across to your customers. It is interesting to note that the service usually helps to save on some costs while helping your brand to communicate with customers in real-time.

As an alternative, you may consider a Short Message Service (SMS) text support. This is one of the fastest customer support tools because the message(s) would be delivered straight to the customers’ mobile phone. However, it is important to ensure that the customers/clients signed up for the service before proceeding.

7. Consider Mobile Applications

The number of mobile phones (especially smartphones) is on the increase. In tandem with this increase is the proliferation of mobile applications targeted towards specific users.

It is ideal that your company should consider developing a mobile application as one of the ways to improve CRO. The target audience tends to interact more with these apps, which brings you a step closer to having their attention.

8. Customer Portal

Buyers or customers love freedom and would love to have maximum control of their buying decision. Hence, a consumer portal would go a long way to facilitate conversion rate optimization. It allows customers to personalize their shopping experience.

It is interesting to note that the portal comes with built-in features like the Purchase/Order History, Order Tracking, and an option to save favorite items. The portal can even be optimized to work on mobile and web-based applications.

You can thus be sure that your customers would keep interacting with your brand as they have complete control over their personal information.

Leverage Your Customer Support to Improve CRO

Companies need to learn new ways on how to improve CRO using customer support tools. The idea behind this is to gain insights into the customers’ problems, providing solutions for them, and using the same medium to trigger more sales.

As you can see, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is not a choice but a necessity to survive the fierce competition on the market. Hopefully, you have understood the steps to gain more visibility and get more sales following the best conversion rate optimization tips detailed in the article. Which customer service tools have you found helpful so far to improve your website CRO?

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