Podcasting: The Heartbeat of Your Marketing Strategy

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Marketers have no shortage of responsibilities generating demand, nurturing leads, developing brand messaging, creating content, maintaining customer relationships, executing a go-to-market strategy, measuring impact and…should I go on?

It’s safe to say there are a lot of pieces to the Marketing puzzle, and it’s simply impossible to do it all. But what if you could use just one piece of creative content to accomplish all of your key objectives throughout the entire Marketing funnel?

Today, more brands are taking a bold stride away from traditional tactics and leveraging a podcast to fuel their strategy. Podcasting is more than cranking out content for the sake of more, and it’s much more than jumping on the bandwagon. Rather, it’s a mechanism for creating true connection through the power of conversation.

Here are four areas where utilizing your podcast can help you achieve your Marketing goals.

Brand Awareness

For any marketer, driving brand awareness is the foundation of forming long-term relationships with prospects — and many aim to drive awareness through traditional content like company blogs and social media posts. Since listeners engage with your show by listening to an episode, you can use your podcast to drive awareness for your company’s solution based on specific Marketing programs.

Then, through your show, you can consistently deliver content that can be utilized for Video, Blog, Email, Social and Omnichannel distribution. Better yet, while your podcast can be built for a broader general audience, you can serve up specific segments or episodes to cater to individual personas.

Demand Generation

Following initial brand awareness, the best way to build on the foundation of any relationship — whether it’s with a prospect or a customer — is by having a conversation. You can leverage your podcast to generate conversations with your ideal prospects even outside the typical interview-style format.

If you’re like most marketers, you already have a list of key accounts. Therein lies the guestlist for your show. The conversation created on your podcast spawns the opportunity for additional touchpoints with the guest while leaning into their network. While this sounds great in theory, podcasting ultimately finds its success by building community, which is easier said than done.

Here’s how we’ve seen it work. Through developing a “community center” or an online resource, you can give your podcast audience access to exclusive content. By providing a clear call-to-action during episodes to help drive your audience to this content, you can better understand how they want to engage with your brand while connecting them with others who are like-minded.

Inbound Marketing

In simplest terms, an inbound strategy removes the “pull” in your outreach and provides a gentle “push” towards transforming an initial engagement into a relationship. While content with an emphasis on SEO may be the king of bringing people to your website, a show can support this effort to increase your reach.

Podcasts provide key assets to boost your inbound marketing strategy, arming you with a blog post for your website, social media content, and video. You can even leverage your show as an additional SEO resource by posting episode transcriptions to your blog. By integrating your podcast into your brand strategy, you can distribute your message on a larger scale to organically increase your reach.

Sales Enablement

As the greatest resource of digestible content, your sales team can use your podcast as value-add touchpoints when engaging with potential customers. By pulling podcast segments relevant to each use case, your show acts as a catalyst for creating valuable content to share with prospects. Using the content in this way makes it easier for your sales reps to create meaningful engagement based on conversations you already want to have.

Regardless of your primary focus as a B2B marketer, people ultimately want to buy from people. If you consider your website as the front door to your brand, then you must execute your content as if it were a map to find you. By inviting listeners to get to know you on an intimate level and providing clear directions to engage, your show provides the content you need to arm your team and accomplish all your Marketing goals.

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