Top 5 Best CRM Software Tools in Abu Dhabi, Dubai for 2020

ParamInfo LogoLet’s start with some background info on what is CRM (customer relationship management). This software enables businesses to build closer customer relationships and enhance Retention and Sales by conducting effective conversations with consumers and prospects. Companies can engage in meaningful and personalized interactions with their customers to boost profitability. In this article, we provide details about the features and benefits of the top 5 CRM software tools in Dubai.

CRM software consolidates all relevant customer information in one secure platform. This system stores details about all your deals, customers’ history with your company, and your appointments, notes, and emails under a single interface. Thus, it enables you to scale easily to meet Sales requirements as your number of customers grows.

Customer relationship management tools help to save time for sales agents by automating their emails and provide them real-time information on the status of all deals. This allows them to interact with customers in an individualized manner to make their sales pitches more effective. CRM is important because research shows that you get an ROI of $8.71 for each dollar invested in this method and it increases customer retention by 47%. Also, 53% of top companies are investing in CRM.

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Most Trusted CRM Software Tools in Dubai You’ll Regret If Left Unknown

1. piCRM

piCRM is one of the highly-rated CRM software tools in Dubai. The vendor’s aim is to help companies engage with the right prospect at the right moment with relevant Sales campaigns. This solution enables you to customize, manage, map, and maintain close relationships with clients so you can grow your business.

piCRM makes it simple to track, organize, and expand your pipeline. You can get deep insights on each lead and easily monitor deals to develop and organize your consumer relationships. The application gives sales managers and agents full visibility into every phase of the Sales journey.

Key features of piCRM include access and products management, reports, email integration, resource and activity location tracking, campaigns, tasks, meetings, and calls, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and leads, and a 360-degree view of Marketing and Sales. piCRM, a leading CRM software in Dubai, is a product of ParamInfo which is a prominent provider of IT solutions and services in Dubai and the Middle East, USA, and India.

2. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is one of the biggest online CRM services in Dubai and the world. Their software solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes and each company can customize the tool for their needs by picking the features they require. Plus, the vendor delivers personalized support to help clients effectively use the system.

Main features that make Salesforce CRM one of the best CRM software tools in Dubai include dashboards, reports and analytics, real-time Data Tracking, Workflow Management, Lead Management, and Marketing Automation. All data is stored in the Cloud and easily accessible from anywhere, anytime.

3. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM enables you to track leads and sales, schedule appointments, and get information via regularly updated dashboards. You can use it to easily filter contacts and leads, track consumer interaction and record calls, and deliver relevant email messages to prospects and customers. The platform is pocket-friendly and easy to use and requires minimal training to master.

HubSpot CRM is compatible with Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS devices and functional on Mac and Windows operating systems. The vendor offers multi-language support via phone, chat, and email, as well as self-help resources in the form of video tutorials and a well-stocked knowledge base.

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4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a widely used CRM software in Dubai and worldwide, and it is built to attract, manage, retain, and satisfy customers to expand your business. The solution is suitable for all needs from Marketing and Sales to customer support. It can integrate seamlessly with a host of popular tools including Zapier, Zoho Survey, Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho Mail, Facebook, Google Apps, Twitter, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

Chief features of Zoho CRM include enterprise readiness, automation, extend/customize, reports on Sales performance and productivity, and multichannel communication.

5. vCita CRM

vCita CRM is a Cloud-based program that gives you all the needed tools to competently manage your business process, clients, and contacts. These functionalities include collaboration, email marketing, and lead generation. Plus, you get features to manage CRM, appointments, booking, and marketing. Thus, vCita CRM is an all-round system that is suitable for professional services suppliers and small businesses.

vCita CRM provides a single platform for all your consumer engagements. It saves all data about your customers, contacts, and leads in one safe cloud location which can be swiftly accessed on any internet-enabled device. Finally, the software integrates smoothly with more than a dozen third-party tools.


There is no doubt that piCRM stands out among the crowd of top CRM software tools in Dubai for its ease of use and effective capabilities. Contact ParamInfo today to deploy this impactful CRM to build long-term profitable relationships with your customers.

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