Boosting Brand Awareness and Brand Strategy with Voice Enabled Tech

The world is gradually shifting towards voice-enabled technology; these serve our needs and do what we want in real-time. To stay on the right side of customer noticeability in an ever-competitive digital market, brands must continually shift their strategy to meet technology and consumer behavior changes. Businesses in today’s time must exploit this new trend of voice technology to grow their brand recognition into a new digital frontier, just as they do with any new technology being embraced by the public.

The Importance of Voice Strategy

Voice technology leads to a new age in which individuals want to interact with companies online by speaking to them rather than typing into search fields. The explanation for this is simple: you can speak a lot faster than you type.

People all around the globe are becoming increasingly accustomed to having their needs fulfilled by speaking directly to the smart gadgets they own, thanks to the advent of home voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and smart mobile assistants like the ones presented by Google. It is more in line with how we convey our motivation and willingness for things, implying that it has a far shorter learning curve.

From the point of view of businesses in the market, the main appeal of voice technology is that it allows brands to interact with customers during times such as driving, cooking, working out in the gym, and even getting dressed. It’s that particular time when the smart device is not in a person’s hands, and they can use voice technology to get their tasks done. Brands now have a larger range of options for engaging with customers thanks to speech technology, opening new paths for customer connection.

Developing Voice Tech for Your Business

 Creating a plan that uses voice technology for your company necessitates a rethinking of how you interact and connect with the audience you are trying to target through this campaign. Voice technology is gradually eliminating the need for displays, bringing all forms of communication under the control of voice and music. This means that businesses should pay more attention to how they sound and how their brand presence interacts with customers while promoting their brand and values. Even though the technology which makes use of voice is set to dominate the digital business scene in the next years, this does not mean that your brand’s visual presence will distance itself away from it. Voice technology should just be viewed as another way to get people to visit your website or follow you on social media. You should not deviate your focus from other types of customer interaction.

The brand identity will always incorporate sound elements for interaction. So, rather than cramming all of your business and marketing activities into one medium or the other, use a multi-strategy to audience interaction instead of just focusing on voice-based technology.

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Top Businesses Making Use of Voice Technology

  • PayPal – PayPal has added functionality for voice assistants, allowing customers of Paypal to transfer and request funds by making use of voice-based technology. Paypal users, through voice technology, may also check their account balance on the move. On the move, the system even prints comprehensive receipts. To use voice search with PayPal, the account needs to be verified. Even while some users had security worries, the voice assistant currently does not discriminate between different voices. A Passcode or Fingerprint ID security would lead to more widespread function usage.
  • Dominos – Dominos, The American Pizza Chain was one of the first adopters of voice technology in the market, and they have seen success with the same. Dominos opted to invest in voice-based solutions in the early 2010s after internet orders accounted for more than half of their sales. The pizza chain believes that typing as a form of input will soon become antiquated, with voice-based interaction as the major input technique.
  • Burger King – Burger King is another chain that is making use of voice-based technology. The worldwide hamburger fast food restaurant franchise makes some of the most inventive voice technology applications to date. Burger King, an old fast-food chain that competes with other major competitors in the market, such as KFC and McDonalds, was seeking a unique approach to grab consumers’ attention and stand out among the crowd. The voice-based technology has been working perfectly for Burger King.

As speech technology spreads over the digital environment, every online business will be confronted with the challenge of using it to get access to and appeal to the rising number of tech-savvy customers. The world is edging closer to efficiency and convenience of use at every technological touchpoint, and speech is an obvious and strong step forward.

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