Is Your Email Marketing Process Built for Success?

Email as a marketing and sales channel still garners significant importance for both, B2B and B2C teams. But when it comes to using email to nurture potential prospects, are marketing and sales teams paying proper attention to what they need to?

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Here are a few quick tips that can help B2B marketing and sales teams drive more output and success with their email marketing campaigns.

Try Different Personalization Tactics

There will always be a greater chance of driving more ROI through personalized emails. But this is where marketers need to understand that every brand out there is thinking of the same thing.

Some of the most successful brands use different ways to deepen engagement with personalized subject lines, even personalized CTA’s for instance.

With the growing number of marketing messages and marketing channels that are constantly bombarding your potential customer’s various inboxes, marketers need to be smarter about what they personalize in their email marketing.

Using existing data from your prospect lifecycle to customize more about the product they are interested in or showed interest in, in the recent past for instance is one way of trying to drive more ROI.

Use Email Marketing to Drive Custom Offers

In a marketplace where customers and prospects are always spoilt for choice, many brands can experience churn even towards the latter stages of the prospect/customer journey. Understanding your email data, breaking down importance aspects as to what type of links your audience actually engaged with or what type of email brought in better CTRs/Open Rates is crucial in driving future email cadences.

Some of the most successful brands use this data to customize future offers that they can drive via email and other channels too. When brands especially experience a lot of shopping cart abandonment issues or lack of responses and engagement after half an email nurture cadence is done, it is important to understand why an audience set has lost interest.

A Mobile First Presence is Must

Email is a strong marketing channel because a lot of your target audience, especially Gen Z’ers have often said they prefer email to other channels of communication because it is less disturbing and intrusive. But this is where marketers need to breakdown device viewing data to also figure out how and where their audience is viewing emails: via portable devices like their mobile/tabs or through desktops.

Most of the top email marketing platforms have this info against the campaigns that are run but not many marketers dive into these insights to use it to their advantage.

If you notice that most of your audience is engaging with emails using their mobile, for instance, creating email concepts and messaging that drive a mobile first experience becomes more important.

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Test in Real-time

It is easier to segment target audiences and run campaigns against different data sets accordingly with differentiated messaging. But without a deeper dive into the real-time metrics and performance of each email in a cadence, marketers will lose potential ROI.

Running different messaging to different audiences or using messaging that actually worked well for one segment or past campaign on another audience set are crucial in trying to deliver a better email marketing ROI at the end of the day. For marketers who drive most of their outreach through email, sending variants of messaging types to smaller lists just so that they can better understand what is working better can serve as a guideline before a mass send is run.

Last Words

Email will continue to be an important marketing and sales channel for a long time coming. The right kind of email marketing tool and email marketing process can easily help  marketing teams deliver better ROI while also enabling better sales success in future. Honing in on the right messaging tactics, using real-time data to drive future adjustments in campaigns, recreating email messaging to build brand recall through other channels as well are all required steps in a multichannel, digital-first environment.

What marketers and even sales people need to keep in mind when using email to drive business growth are simple: How can I make my email different? What will resonate with a particular list? Do I have the right tools in place to help me collect and understand the right performance data for my email marketing campaigns.

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