How do you Drive Business ROI from your Instragram Marketing?

Social Media has become more than just a place to share updates and posts. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have turned into treasure boxes to track potential clients. Companies exploiting and utilizing this treasury know of the quantum of profit that lies ahead…

When it comes to Instagram, a leading social photo and video sharing network, what really works for marketers?

Instagram is surrounded by stories, whether you own a small business, a large corporation or you are trying to promote a personal brand, incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy can be beneficial. Instagram marketing helps marketers in various ways, some of the most notable benefits of Instagram marketing are: 
  • Allows brands to share interesting stories with their target audience in rich multimedia formats. 
  • Encourages you to share more video, audio, photo content, which is crucial to any modern day marketing strategy
  • Helps you reach a global audience no matter where you are, even if you have a local business to grow
  • Offers a bright opportunity to connect with niche audiences too
  • Is considered a Goldmine for audience feedback and insights. 

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To boost their Instagram output, marketers need to focus on the right Instagram analytics and metrics to track their campaign performance. Although, the business Instagram features shares a lot of relevant insights with users, some of the prominent analytics that you must never miss out on include: 

1. Engagement

Incredibly 70% of the Instagram posts go unseen, and if this is so, how in the world are brands going to get to their target audience? Your Instagram post will not drive any new business if your followers are not seeing and engaging with the posts. Further, Instagram constantly upgrades its algorithm making it more important to ensure that you know what to do to get your posts get seen. Tracking your engagement will help you monitor the way your audience are interested your content. This metric is also important when you are tying up with an influencer because you do not want a sponsored post to go without any engagement. 

2. Website Traffic

Like any other social media, Instagram can be a powerful catalyst to improve your website traffic. Although Instagram limits the number of website clicks because it allows the users to post the link only in the Bio. Once the user is verified on the platform, the user can add links to stories, giving an amazing opportunity to get more clicks to the website. Google Analytics will help you track all the website traffic from this source, and you can find out which segment of the audience is interested in seeing your products and services through a platform like Instagram. 

3. Stories Retention Rates

Instagram stories are different yet interesting. They can be in the form of images or videos and they disappear within 24 hours of posting. This algorithm makes it difficult to track engagement. The best way to track stories is with the help of the native tool of Instagram called Insights. Remember that you will need a business account on Instagram to access Insights. 

4. Reach

To know the reach of your posts and stories, you need to switch to the Instagram business account. Reach tell you how many people have seen your post. Reach is different from impressions. For instance, a person seeing your posts three times will add 3 impressions for the post, but will be counted as 1 reach. Reach is an actual metric that will tell you the exact number of people who viewed your post. 

5. Saves

The more your posts get saved, the better your insights will be. Instagram saves is a crucial metric that brands are tracking at the moment. This metric became more important when the platform started hiding likes. With more Instagram saves, users can collect the posts and use them later. This feature acts as a bookmark. By tracking the number of saves for your posts, you can view what kind of content prompts the users to save your posts. 

6. Best time to post

You should always check the best time to post, which is a great way to reach your audience based on their convenience. Instagram Insights will tell you the right time to post for that particular day and this is the time when you are likely to get maximum engagement and reach on your posts. Every account will have its own best suited times for posting. 

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