Lead Generation Tools To Help You Through 2021

“The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market lives on the web – Wayne Davis.”

73% of today’s B2B companies focus on quality over quantity. However, to reach that epitome, you must first take steps and add the best lead generation tools to your marketing and sales arsenal. 79% of the industry behemoths have already adapted to marketing automation and if your organization belongs to the rest 21%, you should change your mode soon!

To help your marketing and sales thrive in 2021, take a look at some of the best lead generation tools in this first part of an upcoming 2-part series.

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  1. Accent Accelerate

Accent Accelerate is a popular name that offers AI based sales enablement. Accent covers all your sales functions in its entirety offerings different products for content management, marketing / sales insights, guided selling and an all-inclusive sales management. The various features of its AI driven technologies are powerful content management, intelligent sales suggestions, offers right sales resources and so on.

  1. Cognism

It is time to power up your lead generation engine with Cognism. Leveraging the power of AI, Cognism can improve your sales funnel by letting you reach the right customers at the right time. From sending your campaigns to the right audience to driving B2B sales, Cognism has the right features for everything you may need. The companies who have successfully implemented Cognism as a part of their marketing automation are SalesLoft, CloudCall, Consenna and many more.

  1. Conversica

Conversica has bagged plenty of industry awards and it is one of the leading lead generation platforms available today. It offers virtual assistants for specified tasks that add a humanized experience for the customers. It helps discover the most qualified sales, drives higher engagement and automates customer outreach to increase retention.

  1. DataFox

DataFox (now acquired by Oracle) gives an upper edge over other lead generation platforms. Marketing automation is based on the accuracy of the customer’s information. DataFox is a cloud based AI platform offering the latest, precise and an expansive set of information and insightful data to optimize key business decisions. Companies like Bain & Company, Goldman Sachs utilize Data Fox’s insightful data to prioritize their customer accounts.

  1. DealSheet

Time to embrace change and let the numbers do the talking. Time to drive your revenue by prioritizing your opportunities for the future. Get Deal Sheet and extend the capabilities of your CRM, qualify your sales team and close deals easily. With the help of Deal Sheet, it is even easy to track the relevant metrics the sales leaders need to coach their team effectively.

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  1. DealSignal

Prospecting can sometimes be a pain in the neck, more so when most of it is done manually. Where the manual process of prospecting a lead is never accurate, DealSignal offers interactive and easy ways to line up the prospects, convert them into leads and add relevant information so that you can schedule meetings, polish the pitch and close deals.

  1. Drift

In most cases, sales and marketing teams start conversations with the prospect over an email, which is later transferred to a one to one chat. This is where Drift has its place. Drift has the ability to link the on-site chat with the previous email so that there is a seamless flow of communication. It can also send personalized messages and sequences across platforms. With Drift, the business can have bots that offer a humanized experience to the website visitors increasing the chance of conversion.

  1. Dooly

Marketing may be easy by finding and streamlining the marketing content, but this is no walk in the garden. This is what Dooly has to offer. It provides the most important content to the sales reps, when they need it the most – during the meeting with an important prospect. Dooly is always present as a partner offering all the latest success stories, intel about competitors so that the sales reps can weave through the common prospect objections.

Lead Generation is difficult but the sophistication of today’s tools make it easy.

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