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What should marketers keep in mind as they look to refining their martech stack? And how can marketers drive better engagement through improved micro-segmentation practices? Catch a few of the top tips and insights shared by industry leaders in this weekly highlight:


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Content is an ingredient of experiences, and peoples’ experiences are what brands have to be part of, to genuinely succeed.  Marketers across the B2B and B2C space should invest in solutions that weave brands into films, television shows, music videos and even influencer content in post-production so they become part of these highly engaging experiences rather than standing on the sidelines. The opportunity is massive, and now is the time to get into it and occupy peoples’ head- and heart space.

Stephan Beringer, CEO at Mirriad

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Brands across a number of industries, including banking, e-commerce, mobile gaming, and more, have leveraged automatic reviews and feedback to achieve growth and improve customer experience. For all industries, however, companies are often identifying similar pain points at the foundation of their reviews and user feedback processes.

Anatoly Sharifulin, CEO at AppFollow

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