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While email still remains a consistent channel for B2B marketers, other mediums like SMS and push notifications are gaining more traction; how are leading brands using new models to drive better online and offline experiences?

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Loyalty and retention are the key to long-term success and marketers need to view retention as their growth strategy. As brand loyalty wanes, customers now seek new brands and services that fit into their re imagined routines, or “next normal.” In addition, the tightening of privacy controls has greatly increased the cost of user acquisition. Brands need to double down on direct relationships with their customers in order to stay relevant in consumers’ lives and also to stay in business.

Sara Spivey, CMO at Braze

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The question of ROI ultimately relies on how success is measured.  We’re seeing a move away from some of the traditional yardsticks with which email marketing’s success would have typically been benchmarked against. Open rates are the perfect example – in so much as they don’t paint a true picture of engagement, or value, that a shopper has displayed, and when taken in isolation provide little more than a vanity metric for marketers to report on.  

But by combining open rate information with additional metrics, such as page views, first party data, account log-ins, bounce rates, conversion or purchase information, this will all add up to a more comprehensive view of customer engagement and true ROI.

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